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Injecting Positive Energy Into The Global Epidemic. TCCC Fire Line Docking Supply And Demand Information Of More Than 20 Key Materials

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Global Epidemic Prevention

In recent years, China's epidemic prevention and control situation has continued to improve, which has made valuable efforts for the world to prevent and control the epidemic situation. At the critical moment and critical moment of the global outbreak, China has always followed the concept of "the community of human destiny" to overcome its difficulties and to provide medical experts, anti epidemic experience and medical supplies to the multinational countries in the world to provide "grain and grass" and "ammunition" for the global war. "China's responsibility".

In the important manufacturing industry of epidemic prevention materials. China Textile Industry Federation, China Council for the promotion of international trade textile industry branch Take the initiative to speed up the road, consolidate, link up and approve nearly 40 medical supplies manufacturers, such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, etc., and liaison with 25 government departments and trade associations in 16 countries and regions, as well as 9 embassies and consulates stationed in Shanghai and Shanghai. Hui is a "strong heart" for all countries to win the epidemic prevention and control.

Message has been sent.

Textile Council Twenty-five Countries and regions

List of high quality medical supplies suppliers in China

"All trade enterprises, textiles and Trade Promotion Council today received mail from the chairman of the Hungarian Textile Association, hoping to purchase the following products from China." On the evening of March 15th, with the release of a procurement message, the staff of the relevant departments of the textile and Trade Promotion Committee began to get busy.

A call, all the family response.

With the help and support of professional associations and local industrial clusters such as China Industrial Textiles Association, China Textile Federation and Textile Trade Promotion Council have selected nearly 40 medical materials manufacturing enterprises. Mask, protective clothing, goggles And so on.

Among these enterprises, there are not only professional Companies producing masks, protective clothing and medical devices. It also includes Carrying out industrial responsibilities during the epidemic period and adding famous textile and garment enterprises related to medical material production lines For example Jiangsu red bean, Jiangsu sunshine, Zhejiang Daly, Shandong Di Shang, tiger leopard, Su Mei Da, Jihua 3521, Beijing banner, Shandong holy spring, China Textile Science Academy Shaoxing branch And so on.

Immediately after that, the staff of the textile and Trade Promotion Committee quickly joined up. Hungarian Light Industry Association, Italy traders, Romania Ministry of economics, energy and business environment, German UNITEX Retailers Association, French Textile Federation And other institutions and organizations to provide continuously updated and updated list of suppliers, and actively through various channels to help implement, rapid feedback.

As of March 25th, the China Textile Association and the Textile Trade Promotion Council have been 16 countries and regions, 25 government departments and industry associations As well as 9 embassies and consulates stationed in China and Shanghai To provide China's list of high-quality medical supplies suppliers, and express our condolences.

The Sino spinning Federation and the Textile Trade Promotion Council have been docked.

Overseas government departments and trade associations

Italy: Italy Federation of textiles and clothing, the industrial association of Vicenza, the handicraft industry association of Italy and the Embassy in Italy.

France: French Apparel Association, French Textile Federation

Spain: Spanish Textile Association

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Investment Committee and Ethiopia Embassy in China

Germany: German UNITEX Retailers Association

Greece: Greek clothing association

Turkey: Turkey Federation of textile entrepreneurs

Pakistan: Pakistan textile mill Association, Pakistan Punjab Investment Committee, Pakistan Consulate General

Hungary: Hungary Light Industry Association

Romania: Romania Ministry of economy, energy and business environment, Romania textile and garment and Leather Association, Romania national handicraft Association, Romania Embassy in China

Ukraine: Ukraine Textile Industry Cooperation Association, Ukraine textile and Leather Industry Association

Czech: Czech Textile Association

Moldova: Moldova Light Industry Association

Bulgaria: European Fashion Association

Belarus: Belarus Light Industry Association

South Africa: Ministry of industry and trade, South Africa

Portugal: Embassy of Portugal in China

Burma: Embassy of Burma in China

Bangladesh: Embassy of Bangladesh in China

Tunisia: Embassy of Tunisia

Malaysia: Malaysia consulate in Shanghai

"Very useful". "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Overseas agencies agree on docking And the implementation of procurement matters.

From Italy, France, Spain, Germany and other countries and regions with serious epidemics, to the countries and regions where Malaysia and Ethiopia are developing rapidly and urgently in need of assistance, the China Textile Federation and the Textile Trade Promotion Committee have fully played the role of the bridge and tie in the industry. With fast action, the cooperative efficiency and responsibility of textile powers and textile powers have been fully demonstrated. It has injected confidence and strength for the unity and cooperation of all countries.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed." After receiving these important docking information and condolences, various associations, embassies and consulates, and other institutions have been sincere thanks, praised the Chinese Association's docking work, and strengthened the conviction of overcoming the epidemic.

Embassy in Romania He said, "we are very grateful to you for your help in Romania during the epidemic. The product information you recommend is very useful to us."

Ambassador of Italy embassy to China "The list of suppliers of Chinese medical supplies to us is very useful to us. Thank you and all Chinese friends for their support. When China needs help, Italy also gives strong support, which is a reflection of adversity and truth.

At present, overseas related agencies are implementing procurement matters, and Chinese and foreign enterprises have also carried out specific docking.

In this regard, Chairman of Hungary Light Industry Association It has indicated that all the information has been sent to the Hungarian government related agencies and has communicated with the Secretary of state, hoping to identify the list of needs to be purchased as soon as possible and put it into practice.   Romania textile garment and Leather Association It is said that the anti epidemic materials such as masks are very scarce, and the list of suppliers provided by the Chinese Association has been provided to the Secretary of state of the Ministry of economic affairs of Romania and related enterprises. The latest news shows that at present, Romania importers have engaged in the import of medical materials with related enterprises.   Italy textile and Garment Association Although it is in a very difficult period, it remains optimistic about the prospect of the epidemic, believing that everything will be better in the future.

By the time of press release, the list of Chinese enterprises is still expanding, and the overseas liaison will not stop. The epidemic has no borders, and solidarity and cooperation among countries is the most powerful weapon to defeat the epidemic. The Chinese textile industry with international advantages is pragmatic and effective in injecting positive energy into the global epidemic.

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