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Hong Kong Clothing: Shenzhen · Blue Impression Mountain Sea Won The Gold Medal Of Shenzhen Fashion Design Skills Competition

2020/10/30 20:01:00 125

Hong Kong Clothing

On October 29, sponsored by Shenzhen Federation of trade unions and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, hosted by Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association and co organized by Shenzhen garment industry training school, the final of "Shenzhen 10th workers' technological innovation games and 2020 Shenzhen skills competition - fashion design skills competition" was held in the public service platform of Dalang fashion Town, Longhua District. After fierce competition, the gold award was won by Qi Liliang's "Shenzhen · blue impression of mountains and seas".

The final competition will be held in the form of on-the-spot dynamic performance of ready-made clothing works, and the contestants are all from major garment enterprises in Shenzhen.

Zhou Shikang, director of the Organizing Committee of the competition and President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that since the first Shenzhen garment vocational skills competition was held in 1993, it has become an influential brand competition for Shenzhen garment industry to tap talents and cultivate elites, and it is a competitive arena for Shenzhen fashion designers to display their talents and show their craftsmanship. The association will continue to adhere to its original intention, run skills competition, provide high-quality and high skilled talents for Shenzhen fashion to establish itself in Shenzhen and go to the international market, and help the construction of "two zones" in Shenzhen.

Zhou Shikang, director of the Organizing Committee and President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association

After the fierce competition, the competition produced three first prizes, including one gold award. There were 6 second prizes and 9 third prizes. The most popular gold award was won by Qi Liliang's "Shenzhen · blue impression of mountains and seas". The first prize winners were Chen Jinxiu's "Shenzhen · blue - Mufeng" and Cao Yajian's "Shenzhen · blue - Yinian". According to the regulations, the gold medal winners will be awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal" by the Shenzhen Federation of trade unions in accordance with the declaration procedures.

Professor Luo Ying, from the school of fine arts and design of the Art Department of Shenzhen University, said that the highlights of the competition's works were frequent, and many designs and details could highlight the designer's ingenuity and innovative spirit.

Pan Yang, a second-class researcher from the Department of grassroots organization construction and economic work of Shenzhen Federation of trade unions, said that thanks to the Organizing Committee for its meticulous organization of the competition, it has offered a wonderful fashion feast for everyone. It is hoped that the contestants of the competition will continue to work hard to hone their skills, contribute more excellent design works to the fashion industry in Shenzhen, and add color to the craftsman image of Shenzhen fashion designers.

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