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Taoray Taoray Press New York Fashion Week Amazing Four: Wang Tao Miao'S "Non Heritage" Yi Xiu Huan Fashion Freshmen

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The four fashion week, including New York fashion week, is regarded as Fashion industry The weathervane, the slogan of "Fahion is Changing" was launched in the 2020 spring summer New York fashion week in September this year. During the week, all kinds of changes in front and behind the scenes have been staged.

At 10 in the evening of September 11, 2019, the United States is the highlight of the show in the main show Spring Studios. With the theme of "Yun embroidery Yi, traditional hand in hand fashion", "Millennium meet, New York meets Chuxiong" as the theme, renowned Chinese fashion designer of the international fashion world. Wang Tao Following the successful release of TAORAY WANG in September 7th, it was launched again with a "taoray taoray X, Chuxiong Yi embroidery". Cross border show Let the world appreciate the new expression of Oriental culture, and make a perfect ending for the 2020 spring and summer New York fashion week.

   Across the region through the trend of time and space without boundaries

Wang Tao, founded by Chao taoray taoray, once held a static display in New York fashion week. At that time, she received great attention from foreign media. Who said chao chao only cite off-white and Supreme, only the hoodies and skateboard shoes are in the tide, and the Chinese style is all over the body. This time, Wang Tao took the hand of Chuxiong Yi embroidery, and moved the big way with pure fire, which provided a totally different fashion for the new season fashion.

The TOP100 global designers union of the Orient International Group, the Yunnan Chuxiong Yi culture industry office, and the taoray taoray taoray brand team founded by Wang Tao, these aspiring and capable people have been continuously transforming and blossoming in their respective fields. This evening, the key figures who contributed to this cooperation were joined in the Spring Studios of New York fashion week's main show, contributing a great feast across the region and through time and space.

The leader of the taoraytaoray show is full of relevant leaders who have contributed to this cooperation. Left: Ji Shengjun, vice president of Orient International Group, Liang Jinshan, board secretary of Orient International Group, Liang Jinshan, general manager of brand and business department of Orient International Group, Zhou Lan, director of the market system construction Department of Shanghai Business Committee, Tong Jisheng, chairman of Orient International Group, and member of the Standing Committee of the CPC state committee of the CPC. Xu Xiaomei, Minister of Propaganda Department of the State Council, Zhou Bing, deputy director of the Chuxiong literature and art office.

After the show, the leader of the Orient International Group and the embroidered mother from Chuxiong set up their thumbs to praise the success of this show. Left: East Shanghai textile fashion industry development Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Wang Lu, Yao Qin, chairman of Orient International Group, Tong Jisheng, general manager of Shanghai textile fashion industry development Co., Ltd. Zhu Weiming and Yi Xiu Xiu Niang representative.

New York fashion week, founded in 1943, is recognized as the longest fashion week. It attracts two designers, brands, buyers and media all over the world. It is one of the most important platform for international fashion industry. The Chuxiong Yi Xiu embroidery festival in Yunnan, China, has a history of 1353. It is a festival spontaneously formed by the Yi mothers to find suitable candidates for marriage and marriage age children. Once a year, it has never stopped. The pattern of self embroidering skills and Clothing skills is different from the current fashion week.

The TOP100 global designers union is produced by Shanghai textile fashion industry development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Orient International Group, as a all-weather project matching Shanghai fashion week. It has been committed to communicating, linking and innovating with the global design forces. The collision, communication and integration with the global fashion culture is intended to promote Chinese traditional culture and ethnic culture in the way of specialization, industrialization, internationalization and marketization through cross-border integration. In the context of the national strategy of "Shanghai East and Yunnan cooperation", Chuxiong Yi embroidery, which has a history of more than 1000 years, has gone out of Yunnan and into the world. It has also become the responsibility of the Oriental international initiative.

In April of this year, TOP100 led the Chuxiong Yi embroidery to the T stage of Shanghai fashion week. The New York fashion week just ended in September. The Chuxiong Yi embroidery "competition Festival" also passed through the time and space. It was created by Wang Tao as a self defining tidal wave taoray with no borders, no age, no occupation, no gender. On the 2020 spring and summer conference of taoray, a close contact with New York fashion week brought us a dazzling and dazzling vitality and vitality in the world's most fashionable stage.

2020 spring and summer taoray taoray show full picture

  Global thinking pluralism international non heritage freshmen

Wang Tao, who has the international diversity background and released the 11 season in New York fashion week's main show, has many people's unmatched global thinking. This is why Tong Jisheng, chairman of Orient International Group, especially appreciates Wang Tao. It is precisely when he spares no effort to promote Wang Tao's taoray taoray and Chuxiong Yi embroidery as an "invaluable" freshman.

The founder of taoray taoray and Wang Tao Tao, the leader of the CEO, set up a curtain call.

In Tong Jisheng's view, "the clothing, clothing elements and clothing culture of Chinese ethnic minorities are very plentiful, but they often stay in tourist souvenirs, lack of good expression techniques, and turn them into new market products that modern consumers like. This is a difficult point promoted by the intangible cultural heritage. To solve this difficulty, what we need is the transformation of thinking and concept. We can not use traditional ideas to force consumers to accept, but we need to market oriented and create new consumption needs. Neither Wang Tao himself nor the taoray taoray brand is a model of this global fashion thinking. Only this kind of global thinking can make the intangible heritage culture shine "new life!"

Tong Jisheng, chairman of Orient International Group, was interviewed by the media.

The perfect presentation of the 2020 spring and summer cross-border series of "taoray taoray X, Yi embroidery" proves his expectation. The hundreds of models who participated in the early selection were like a small consumer survey. They used their own bright eyes to prove that the "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" 2020 spring and summer cross-border series appeal to the most concentrated crowd of these fashionable front views.

The final selection of 10 men and 10 women with different nationalities and skin color, height and shape, different personality and beliefs of the model, for the excellent interpretation of new products, but also Wang Tao's unique anatomy of the heritage of Yi, the flexible use of national elements, the excellent way to inherit and develop.

Wang Tao and Xiu guide dress rehearsal in the show.

In the spring and summer New York fashion week, Wang Tao and his staff are making the final adjustment, taoraytaoray2020.

Taoray taoray brand founder and CEO Wang Tao's "transformation of non heritage into today's life" is the touchstone of Chuxiong Yi embroidery that moves the young consumers all over the world and really transforms the "nation" into "the world". As Wang Tao said, "before I touched Yi embroidery, my understanding of Yi embroidery probably was similar to that of most Chinese people and even friends abroad. Purse, clothes, hats and backwoods are beautiful, but they will not come into our daily life.

"But when I saw embroidery and embroidery, I deeply felt the beauty and vitality of Yi embroidery, and also understood the importance of Yi embroidery to the Yi people. Yi embroidery is an important presence that records their lives and will not miss any important moment in the life of Yi people. Therefore, I chose to make Yi embroidery and the essential core of our daily life. The combination of products and costumes allows different times and regions to integrate with things that are closely related to life and culture. This fusion is natural and beautiful, and it can also be worn by young people into everyday life.

This handmade cowboy in the series may best represent the core spirit of the taoray taoray design: "it is embroidered by a local embroidered mother, embroidered by a needle, and is also the only cowboy in the world. It is precious not only in terms of creation or uniqueness, but also as beautiful and lasting as the mother of Yi people embroidered for their children."

Xu Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Committee and Minister of propaganda, also gave great recognition to the "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" 2020 spring and summer cross-border series.

Xu Xiaomei, Minister of Publicity Department of Chuxiong CPC Committee and State Council, was interviewed by the media.

Yi, who has the deepest understanding and feelings of Yi culture, can feel the amazing place and significance of this great show. Yi embroidery has a history of more than one thousand years. The Yi nationality has more than seventy thousand embroidered mothers scattered everywhere. In the historical and cultural mission of building a strong province of national culture, the Yi embroidery and the embroidered mother of the Yi nationality are indispensable important parts. But how can we achieve the professionalization and marketization of these intangible arts scattered around the people? How can we bring the embroidered girl into an international and industrialized army to achieve poverty alleviation?

Cross border cooperation! Join hands with taoray taoray Wang Tao, who is facing the trend of fashion. With her cool and dedicated, let the ancient non heritage culture burst forth the vitality that can be recognized by the world! Xu Xiaomei summed up the cooperation with Mr. Fei Xiaotong's words. She said: "the heart of humanity is a constant theme. The cultural exchange and integration of the world come down in one continuous line. We should not forget the ancient inheritance and pride of more than one thousand years, but also absorb foreign culture with open mind, make creative and innovative development, and face more. "In the convergence of Chinese and Western cultures, we have a common symbiosis and common development." taoray taoray used the way of breaking the Convention to let the world see Yi embroidery, and let the world jointly verify the universal value of Yi embroidery. So we have confidence in the future.

American Elite Women arrive. The yard is Wang Tao's platform, left: the Minister of the Chuxiong Committee of the CPC, the Minister of publicity of the State Council, Xu Xiaomei, the anchor of the Fawkes group of the United States, the Kimberly Guilfoyle and the friend of little Trump's fiancee, the founder of taoraytaoray and CEO Wang Tao, and the Lisa club Hochfelder of Playboy club and Phillipsrestaurant.

Trump's second wife Marla Maples (left two) is in Wang Tao's little Gao Ding brand TAORAY WANG to attend the conference.

"Yun embroidered Yi dress, tradition meets fashion, Millennium tournament dress, New York hand in hand Chuxiong", "taoray taoray X, Yi embroidery" 2020 spring and summer New York fashion week, Wang Tao shows her warm and enthusiastic side, providing new choices for the trend of life's attitude and scenes.

Whether it is out of the love of TAORAY WANG or taoray taoray, or the guests and friends that Wang Tao himself has come to, she has expressed admiration and admiration for the alternative fusion of taoray taoray and Yi embroidery. More millions of fashion bloggers can't help asking for the request of borrow clothes Street after the show.

Wang Tao, a British blogger dressed in TAORAY WANG, asked to borrow the clothes Street on the spot.

Perhaps to announce the arrival of the world is not the "high light" that Wang Tao, a frequent visitor to New York fashion week and an old acquaintance in the eyes of the international media. She has always insisted that the world can see China's "original design" and "high quality production". 2020 spring and summer taoray taoray in New York fashion week this loud cry, let the global fashion industry see the sincerity contribution of Chinese design, let the world trend see the fashion value of Chinese national elements, let the world see the beauty of Chuxiong Yi embroidery.

The nine petals of the Yi embroidery are the rebirth of Phoenix.

Thunderous applause sounded, Wang Tao looked forward to this cross-border cooperation step by step, and in the global integration of the charming and beautiful nine petals! The five thousand years of heritage, the fifty-six nation's bright culture, will bring energy to the global fashion industry will be inestimable! (reporter Jiao Yanling)

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