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China'S Textile And Western Products Are Urgently Needed.

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Light Textile City West Cloth

On the first four days of the opening ceremony, the demand for bulk textiles in China's textile city is scattered and dispersed.

In Dongsheng Road market, 3322 of the foreign merchants directly patronized the first four days of the business. After seeing the spot, they were consulting production and processing delivery respectively. Some of them were directly showing orders, and signed tens of thousands of test papers at once.

But because of the new arrival

Foreign businessman

There is no rush to demand goods, most intentional lists.



In the first few days, the customers came to see sporadic, but the first day there were customers calling for suits.

But because the fabric can not be connected, the logistics company has not yet come to work, the paction sent back to push back.

Within four days of opening, the west market, East market and Dongsheng Road market have their own movable pins in the long silk and western cotton fabrics. The T/R fabrics have many customers calling for the goods in batches, while the T/R suits in the East market, which are looked at by some old customers, have been subject to telephone calls and volume.

In the north market and Tian Hui market, the silk curtain curtain fabric and window curtain block which are normally open and running in the market are coming into the market in batches. The new styles of jacquard curtain fabrics have been used in spring, and several customers have been followed up since opening the door. Several newly decorated decorations have been cleaned up, and there is too little time to arrange the facade. Even when the samples have not been put on the shelves, they begin to contact the source of goods and make delivery of the documents.

These days,

Long staple fabric

Although the number of batches is not large, and the pportation of Board workers, logistics companies and front and rear road connections has not been fully put into place, many batches of goods are less expensive and expensive at a time, and some of them are still waiting for the opening of logistics companies.

Some businesses have appeed to customers on the phone. Now the front and back roads are not officially running. Even the helpers of their own facade are not yet there. They are short of manpower, and do not have time to send them by other routes. Can they slow down a bit? And some customers who are anxious to get the goods will be taken directly by themselves.

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