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The Development Of Electricity Providers Is Too Fast. Talent Shortage Is Obvious.

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Electricity Supplier DevelopmentTalentLabor Gap

< p > > a href= "http://sjfzxm.com//business/" > consumer > /a > and electricity supplier carnival, the position and scale constantly record.

And after this new consumer node, we need to calm down to think about the new demand for electricity supplier, especially the demand and current situation of e-commerce talents.

Earlier, there were news reports that the major electricity suppliers in order to meet the "double eleven" open "blowout" type customer service personnel, there are Wanda and other large traditional industries announced a high salary "dug" to enter the electricity supplier industry, many colleges and universities in 2014 campus recruitment is directly become a special recruitment.

So, what is the demand for talents for electric business enterprises? < /p >

< p > < strong > Future < a href= "http://sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp" > three years < /a > talent gap will reach 4 million 457 thousand < /strong > /p >

< p > statistics from Taobao show that at present, only for e-commerce enterprises on Taobao platform, the talent gap is as high as one million, and the gap of talent in the entire electricity business sector in the next three years will reach 4 million 457 thousand.

< /p >

< p > in fact, the talents in e-commerce are a key problem that restricts the development of e-commerce.

So what kind of talent are there in the electricity supplier? < /p >

< p > a survey of e-commerce talents in Taobao University shows that among the most missing talents, 24.86% of the American art workers, 24.29% of their operations, 22.6% of promotion and 19.77% of customer service.

< /p >

< < p > > recently, the Hangzhou City Talent Service Bureau released the "directory of high-level talents of ten industries in Hangzhou" in 2013-2014. It shows that in the e-commerce industry, the position of financial manager, wind control supervisor, customer manager, sales engineer, operation director, industry analyst, Website Engineer, DBA database management analyst and Flash designer is very scarce.

< /p >

< p > < strong > the demand for electricity providers is large. This year, hunters are busy. < /strong > /p >

< p > electricity suppliers are hard to find. Many traditional enterprises eager to do e-commerce have turned to headhunting companies.

< /p >

< p > the chairman of a human resource development company in Zhejiang has been busy with an executive of the enterprise recently.

< /p >

< p > "he is building an e-commerce industrial park with a total area of about 1000000 square meters.

The first step is to find a person in charge of an e-commerce industrial park with an annual salary of more than 1 million.

On the other hand, in the process of investment, a lot of enterprises mentioned such a problem, can be able to provide a professional business personnel to do a support.

It is reported that e-commerce industry park needs nearly 1 million e-commerce talents.

Among them, the high-end talents are imported from others, that is, from other electric business enterprises, while the grass-roots talents are jointly trained by the parks and training companies, and then pported to various park enterprises.

< /p >

"E-commerce is a hot demand for senior talent in 2013," said P, head of another headhunting company.

He said that since last year, many companies have asked him to identify suitable e-commerce talents, and this year more.

"These enterprises have a wide range of industries, such as clothing, luxury goods, such as jewelry, and sales of spare parts, agricultural and sideline products, and so on.

Recently, a clothing trade enterprise that made traditional anti consumer goods found Lang Yue.

"This company is going to pform itself into domestic luxury goods, while maintaining traditional industries. It needs to set up an e-commerce company to operate two industries, and the mode is e-commerce plus physical channels. Now they are in urgent need of the general manager of an e-commerce platform.

In addition to providing 700 thousand -80 annual salary, the company also gives part of the shares. "

< /p >

< p > Lang Yue said that the three categories of e-commerce talents, such as director of electricity, general manager and operation manager, are most demanding. Not only high-end talents in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and other places are in short supply, but also foreign businesses come to Hangzhou to find business talents.

Now e-commerce talents are scarce, some high-end talents pay millions of normal.

In addition to salaries, more and more enterprises are attracting talent and retaining talents by shares.

< /p >

< p > < strong > three kinds of talents are most scarce. The training personnel are just beginning. < /strong > < /p >

< p > November 12th, on the first day after the "double eleven" Carnival, the Zhejiang provincial chamber of Commerce issued a public consultation on the Zhejiang provincial e-commerce talent training and evaluation programme (Draft).

"In the field of e-commerce, Zhejiang is at the forefront, and we have a large e-commerce service company like Alibaba.

But even so, the industry has gone too fast, and the research on e-commerce talents is just beginning.

Wang Bing, director of the e-commerce Department of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, told reporters that in recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce has been widely applied in various fields of the economy, but the lack of specialized talents in e-commerce has become increasingly prominent, and the shortage of e-commerce talents has become a key problem to curb the development of the industry.

< /p >

< p > "striving for 5 years, the province will popularize 1 million e-commerce knowledge, train 100 thousand professionals in e-commerce, and train 1000 senior professional managers of e-commerce, providing professional support for the new round of e-commerce development in our province."

Wang Bing said that there are mainly three kinds of talents in the province: one is small and medium sized e-business talents (such as Alibaba, such as large Internet companies, in fact, there is no problem of recruitment difficulties), especially those from traditional enterprises to e-commerce. They need professional talents who understand electricity providers to open up operations and promote technology. One is foreign trade e-commerce talents, because it is very difficult to find both foreign trade and Internet talents, and a high-end talent, similar to the role of professional managers of electric power providers, to the composite talents of the entire electricity supplier operation, management and so on.

< /p >

< p > "at present, the main source of electricity providers in our province is college graduates and the Internet industry. There is no clear standard for training and assessment of relevant talents in the future."

Wang Bing said that now is the first step in the research of e-commerce talents, and the related work in the future still needs to be refined and constantly changing. At that time, it will build a bridge to communicate the electricity providers and talents, and promote the development of the electricity supplier industry.

< /p >

< p > < strong > industry development is fast HR but hard to find < /strong > /p >

< p > "what the electricity supplier needs is a compound talent, not that the university can graduate directly to work. The industry is too new and developing too fast. The students who study electricity business have graduated from University for four years, and what they have learned is out of date."

Huang Zuoyan, the software and Information Services Department of Hangzhou, said that all high-end e-commerce industry needs not only professional knowledge, but also continuous learning in the later stage.

Of course, in fact, the threshold of electricity providers is also low, similar to customer service, this type of post, professional requirements are not high, so long as you are willing to work in this job, willing to continue to learn and accept new things.

But unfortunately, the industry is too mobile, and the electricity supplier industry has become the base for many university graduates to test the water society.

< /p >

< p > Wu Jiakun, the Hangzhou electricity supplier Association's talent service center, told reporters that the fundamental reason for the difficulty in finding the industry is that the industry is too new, and the inventory of talent is far from enough.

Unlike other traditional industries, a mature talent training mechanism and mode have been formed for thousands of years.

"Therefore, it is not only difficult for ordinary employees of the electricity supplier to recruit, but also the HR division is also hard to recruit. At present, many electricity supplier industries have expressed the lack of a suitable human resource teacher who can serve the electricity supplier. Imagine whether an unqualified or inappropriate human resource can bring suitable talents to the enterprises?" Wu Jiakun said.

< /p >

Most of the electricity suppliers in Zhejiang province are still in the "Grass-roots" stage, and the talents they need are not "big and tall". Even so, the problem of talent is still an important factor that currently bothers or affects the further development of enterprises in P.

The Hangzhou electricity supplier Association set up a talent service center in July this year. It has only recommended an intern for the electricity supplier from now on. Until now, it has directly sought for in-service personnel. In any case, the whole society is "moving up" to help the electricity supplier and look for talents.

< /p >

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