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Loose Sweater Is The Most Elegant And Loose Style.

2015/11/4 16:28:00 244

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This loose sweater adopts national style.

Woven pattern

Not only does it blend in the classic black and white gray, but also adds a glimmer of treasure blue, breaking the monotony and looking at the warm, matching jeans and ankle boots, too suitable for the apple shaped girl.

This green sweater has a first-class eye suction index. The overall style is very simple and generous. There is no excess ornament and accessories. It can withstand the test of time.

The short design is lovely and high. The sleeves are lovely and cute, and the white tights are very fresh.

The bright yellow satchel on the shoulders creates the charm of hitting the color.

Orange sweaters are bright and warm, wear fashionable and dynamic, unique word collar, loose version, with LAD jeans, casual and handsome, tassel bags make the fashionable sense of promotion.


Baggy sweater

The style is long, just covers the buttocks, the thick waist and spanking help you perfectly cover up. The design of the semi high collar is also the fashionable trend of resurgence this year. With the black legged pants and Black Ankle Boots, the legs are slender.

Let people accidentally add charming charming appearance, can excellent display unique super taste.

The black and white striped sweater is also loose.

Shoulder drop design

It's probably the most comfortable and meat look in the autumn, matching the jeans and white shoes.

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