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Half Skirt Is The Most Versatile Autumn Age.

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The white coat is fresh and pure, which can best set off the girl's fine temperament. The bright red cherry prints on the dress are sweet and lovely, so that people can not help but want to bite. With the red half skirt, the design of the bow is more sweet, the skirt is lovely and beautiful, it looks really very old.

The White Chiffon shirt is soft and light. It is a single item that girls love very much in autumn. The fresh and pure white makes the girl look pure, and the small V collar design adds a little femininity to the gray.

High waist skirt

It shows a high waist and gives people a lively and playful feeling.

Black long sleeved T-shirt and simple white print embellishment, bring comfortable and comfortable breeze, with ink green high waist skirt, this color in autumn is just good, won't appear too bright, will not appear dim, lively and generous collocation is very practical.

Long sleeves

Striped Shirt

Nature can not be missed in the autumn. It brings classic leisure wind, black and white splicing.


The design is simple and generous, with white and short skirts, fresh and lively, and black and white colors to create a bright front.

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