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China'S Acupuncture And Calligraphy Symbiosis: New Theme Of Shenzhen Acupuncture Expo

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Harmony And SymbiosisShenzhen Needle ExpoA Total Of Ecological

The existence of an enterprise must be based on its existence value. Shenzhen needle Expo The exhibition is just a kind of service delivery and performance, and value creation is the essence.

Profound analysis Shenzhen needle Expo In the core of value, the Organizing Committee of Shenzhen needle Expo invited the big coffee operation in the industry. 2020 CKIW China (Shenzhen) knitting brand innovative design week and Shenzhen International Knitwear Fair The new theme, "symbiosis", explains the thinking and hope for the knitting industry.

In the future, the CKIW Shenzhen acupuncture Fair will focus on the growth path of the whole industry. We should look forward to the concept of "symbiosis", grasp the three key words of "evolution, culture and incubation", take a deep thought and take a half step, focus on creating value for the knitting industry, and finally build a highly flexible and self renewing Chinese knitting industry co ecosystem.

   1 one of the key words of "symbiosis": "evolution"

   Active evolution of backward commercial genes in the form of "evolution"

Enterprises, like creatures, have lifecycle and have evolutionary problems. Darwin said that the evolution of species depended on the genetic and variation of genes, and the result of evolution was: adaptation, strength, degeneration, decline and extinction.

The evolution of knitting industry also depends on the inheritance and transformation of genes. With the continuous emergence of the concept of "new retail, new manufacturing and new technology", the domestic business format and market economy are changing. The knitting industry should keep pace with the times and innovate its "genes" from products, brands, channels and marketing. Therefore, as an indispensable economic link in the knitting industry, the Shenzhen needle fair should stand at the height of the industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry with sensitive industry olfactory and positive actions, and gradually evolve from the platform based enterprise to the "eco group".

  2 "symbiotic" keywords two: "culture"

From the "culture" to precipitate industry belief and shape brand form

Culture, as a recessive capital, has 42 wonders. The current business competition is becoming more and more intense due to the subdivision of fields and the extension of cultural differences. The survival space and development space of enterprises are narrowing. We gradually realize that the expansion of market space and the survival space of enterprises must rely on the combination of business and culture.

It is the ultimate goal of business competition in twenty-first Century to enrich knowledge and space for culture. Excellent culture is the distillation of national cultural spirit and the sublimation of human good values. It condenses the quintessence of the development of civilization in the times. In the knitting industry, it is necessary to form an awareness of excellent culture, create a product personality and brand style through culture, and bring vitality to the diversified development of the industry.

The knitting industry is closely related to people's daily life. The whole industry is huge and complex. Each of these brands can not be out of thin air and has a unique cultural background. The thick cultural complex of life deposited by knitted brands is their internal roots.

   3 "symbiotic" keywords three: "incubation"

Providing business mode guidance services by incubating ideas

Incubation is, in essence, "self fulfillment by accomplishments of others". The purpose of hatching is to "transform", and the process and means are "hatching". "Hatching" depends on what to hatch, depending on devotion, devotion, and various factors and resources.

Shenzhen needle Expo, based on the ecology of China's knitting industry, provides business model guidance services for embryos with potential market needs, thereby incubating projects, models, brands and even the market.

   Evolution, culture, incubation, symbiosis and symbiosis


Constructing the common ecology of China's knitting industry is the vision of Shenzhen needle Expo. In the course of the development of the Shenzhen acupuncture fair, it has been questioned, suspected or even slandered, but has never been angry. The challenger is like a war windmill. It shows a "quixotic" comic style. In the final analysis, it is because we are always focused on value creation and regard the joint venture as the ultimate goal.

Future, Shenzhen needle Expo We will always practice the concept of "symbiosis", and interpret the concept of evolution, culture and incubation from the perspective of ecological enterprises, explore the way of knitting enterprises' growth, help enterprises reconstruct the value chain, directly link customers, upstream and downstream, empower the knitting industry, and realize the ecology and symbiosis of China's knitting industry. (reporter Jiao Yanling)

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