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Chief Xuanguan Is Coming! Oulinya Zhuyi Brand Appeared In Guangzhou Underwear Exhibition

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Guangzhou Underwear ExhibitionOulinyaZhuyiBrand Underwear

On November 7, 2020, the first Guangzhou underwear vision Expo (Guangzhou underwear exhibition 2020) was grandly opened in Pazhou poly World Trade Expo Hall. With its leading Chinese high-end bamboo textile brand Zhuyi, olinya made a high-profile appearance, becoming the "most cute and China's" exhibition hall.

Live interview with Guangdong Radio and TV station in Zhuyi Pavilion

As the finale of China's underwear industry, Guangzhou underwear exhibition 2020 Since the preparation, it has been highly concerned by people inside and outside the industry, and has become a wind vane and a beacon for the development of the industry. This year's high-profile appearance of top-notch products with the latest model and concept is not only to show its leading position in the field of bamboo fiber textiles, but also to contribute to the development of China's high-end fine bamboo spinning, so that "Chinese bamboo" can be "world-class"!

Mr. Yang Qiuliang, chairman of oulinya

At the opening ceremony, Hunan oulinya Clothing Co., Ltd Mr. Yang Qiuliang, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a speech as a special guest representative. Mr. Yang Qiuliang said that from crossing the river by feeling the stone to letting hundreds of excellent brands bloom, this is an era of "brand king". After ten years of growth and transformation, China's underwear has now formed a strong system. After the waves are scouring the sand, how to create a "green card" of Chinese underwear and create healthy green for major consumers Color underwear products become the top priority.

General title awarding ceremony

Launching ceremony of Guangzhou underwear exhibition 2020

On the international stage, oulinya officially issued an official announcement and became the general denominator of China Wanlixing in the 8th season of 2021! In such a special year, oulinya chose to go against the current and take the initiative to take on its own responsibilities and responsibilities. With the help of international planning institutions and well-known media in the industry, it has reached a strategic cooperation and jointly completed the comprehensive upgrading of bamboo fiber products. Mr. Yang Qiuliang said frankly that he has focused on bamboo fiber for 15 years. From witness, participant, promoter to leader, the more critical period it is, the more it must take the lead Set up standards and create standards.

Under the attention of the public, the first show of the opening ceremony brought by ou linya Zhuyi shocked the audience!

International model wearing towel as the raw material of the creative show clothing, bring an unprecedented fashion show and let everyone on the scene exclamation. Every time they appear, bamboo textile oulinya is full of surprise and creativity!

World ecological bamboo textile Health Conference

The two-day 2020 Guangzhou underwear exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, Zhuyi brand Its first national appearance also reached a climax with the successful convening of the world ecological bamboo textile health conference. It is believed that with the joint promotion of all the big names and the national excellent agent dealers, the brand of Zhuyi will surely be able to rely on the dislocation strategy and top-notch strategy to walk out a characteristic road of its own in a red sea market!

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