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Stormsuit Investigation: Function Doesn'T Live Up To Its Name! Water Proof And Moisture Permeability Of Samples Are Worrying

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Functional clothing refers to the clothing designed specifically for functional requirements. The stormsuit is one of the more typical types. For example, raincoat can be waterproof and windproof, but it is airtight and comfortable to wear. But the core function of the stormsuit is waterproof, windproof, breathable and comfortable, so it is the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the comparative test results released today show that nearly 40% of the products are not true in name, just called the name "stormsuit".

Nearly 40% of the stormsuit's function is not worthy of its name

The results of the comparative test of functional clothing (stormsuit) released by consumer associations of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province today show that nearly 40% of the 50 samples are not worthy of the name.

It is understood that the 50 samples in this comparative test were randomly purchased by e-commerce platforms and physical stores. Among them, 37 samples were explicitly marked with product name or the name of assault clothing was marked on the product page of e-commerce, 22 samples were explicitly implementing the standard of stormwear, and only 11 samples were indicated as functional.

Secretary General of Beijing Consumer Association Yang Xiaojun: in this comparative experiment conducted by the consumer associations of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the staff of the consumer associations of the three places, as ordinary consumers, purchased 50 samples from e-commerce platforms and physical stores, including 30 for e-commerce platforms and 20 for physical stores. The purchase prices ranged from more than 200 yuan to 3000 yuan. Among the 50 samples, 18 samples were suspected of false publicity because of the inconsistency between the stated function and the actual measurement.

The testing personnel introduced that this comparative test is based on the national standards "instructions for use of consumer goods, instructions for use of textiles and clothing", "basic safety technical specification for national textile products" and "outdoor sports clothing" The fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, color fastness and explicit functional items of the samples were tested.

Three samples were judged to be unqualified due to the fiber content and sweat fastness.

The three samples are as follows:

Nominal tectop brand one men's three in one foreign service;

Nominal mullinsen brand one elastic two-piece set;

Nominal fmix brand one set of men's down jacket + couple's stormy pants.

Shan Xuelei, deputy director of national knitting product quality supervision and inspection center: according to the national basic safety technical specification for textile products, if the fiber content and color fastness to perspiration are not up to standard, this product cannot be sold on the market.

If you don't meet the standard, you can't call it stormsuit

The reporter noted that 20 of the 50 samples in this comparative test were designated as stormwear or similar samples, and the recommended national standard "outdoor sports clothing" was implemented.

According to experts, the national recommended standard issued by China in 2016 specifies the requirements for stormwear products.

Shan Xuelei, deputy director of the national knitting product quality supervision and inspection center, said: as it is a high-tech product, its fabric is different from the usual fabric. It not only has the waterproof performance of raincoat, but also has to be breathable, which adds a lot of technology. It should be separated from ordinary clothes, so different standards should be implemented, that is, your standard can't meet my standard, you can't call it stormsuit. These technologies are in it, and the cost can't be the same price and name as the clothes that don't have this function at all.

According to the national standard "outdoor sports clothing stormsuit", the stormsuit is made of textile fabric with waterproof and moisture permeability function, which is used for outdoor sports and has the function of waterproof and moisture permeability. Experts said that in addition to the quality requirements of general clothing, stormwear products should also have the function of waterproof and moisture permeability. Therefore, the functional test of stormwear products is particularly important.

Among the 20 samples which indicated the product name and carried out the standard, 7 samples did not meet the requirements of the standard. The function of waterproof and moisture permeability is worrying.

To examine the moisture resistance of the stormsuit

Experts said that the waterproof performance of clothing refers to the ability of clothing to resist wetting and penetration by water, mainly through the surface moisture resistance and hydrostatic pressure resistance.

According to the inspector, the surface moisture resistance of clothing is evaluated by water immersion test. The principle is to spray a certain amount of water onto the surface of the garment, and evaluate the moisture resistance of the clothing surface by observing the wetting and wetting conditions of the clothing surface. The test results are divided into five levels, five levels are the best, the surface has no water droplets or wetting, the first level is the worst, and the sample is completely wetted.

Sun Xueyan, engineer of national knitting product quality supervision and inspection center: we can clearly see that this sample is not only water droplets, but also completely wetted. If our consumers buy this sample and wear it, if it rains on cloudy days, then all the water will seep into our skin, which makes us feel very uncomfortable to wear.

Sun Xueyan, engineer of national knitting product quality supervision and inspection center: these two pieces are samples of the experiment we just made. The gray sample has very good surface moisture resistance, and the surface has no water droplets and no wetting. The black sample has not only water droplets but also large area of wetting. This black sample has been rated one grade according to our card rating. If the first level is basically no surface moisture resistance, it is a very poor product.

Test the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the shock suit

Experts said that the hydrostatic pressure resistance of clothing refers to the resistance of water penetration through the fabric. The test method is that one side of the sample is subjected to continuous rising water pressure until there are water droplets oozing from the other side. The higher the water pressure recorded when the water drops ooze, the better the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the fabric.

The results of this comparative test show that the net water pressure (before washing) of the nominal jeep and nosilan brand stormsuit samples does not meet the standard requirements.

The surface moisture resistance (before washing) of the nominal scaler brand stormsuit sample does not meet the requirements of outdoor sportswear standard.

The surface moisture resistance (before washing) and net water pressure (before washing) of the samples of nominal TFO, Antarctica and fmix brands do not meet the standard requirements, and the waterproof performance of the samples is worrying.

The moisture permeability of the stormsuit is very important

Experts said that the moisture permeability of clothing refers to the ability of water vapor to penetrate clothing. In the process of long-term outdoor sports, the human body will emit a lot of water vapor. If the clothes with poor moisture permeability continue to wear after sweating, they will not be able to keep warm, but will produce discomfort such as stuffy and wet.

Before washing, the water permeability of the samples was not good.

Deputy director of national knitting product quality supervision and Inspection Center Shan Xuelei: as an ordinary consumer, sometimes he can't identify your deep waterproof and surface moisture resistance. It's impossible to see from the appearance. Only through our professional inspection, or in the process of wearing his own clothes, he finds that people are waterproof. I'm not waterproof. At this time, it's very difficult for consumers to protect their rights.

It is difficult to make accurate judgment on the core function of stormwear in the link of buying clothes. If not, who knows if it can be waterproof, windproof and warm? After a period of time, you will experience that there is no such function, but because of the time difference, the clothes can not be returned, which is the most troublesome. In the further investigation of online or offline shopping malls, it was found that the sales staff publicized the stormwear, but when they got the clothes, they changed their names, some called windbreaker, some called jacket.

Fashion jacket claims to be "stormsuit"

In some clothing markets, reporter investigation found that there are products claiming to be stormy clothing in sale.

Salesman: This is the stormsuit.

Reporter: I think it's windbreaker. It's stormsuit. Why?

Salesman: that's it. The coat and windbreaker are the same.

Reporter: ah? The same as the windbreaker?

Salesperson: Yes, some brands have different words. They are all assault clothes.

According to the investigation, most of the product names on the labels of the products claimed by these salesmen are windbreaker and jacket, but few are labeled as stormsuit.

Another sales staff disclosed to reporters that the reason why they didn't mark the stormsuit was that the waterproof and moisture permeability functions of these products simply failed to meet the standard requirements of stormwear.

Salesperson: the unprofessional dare not write, and the unprofessional ones never dare to write.

Reporter: why?

Salesperson: it's not a professional thing. You can see that there is a jacket in my house. It doesn't have a rain proof index and can't guarantee that it doesn't leak. You should write that the stormsuit is made of professional fabric.

Reporter: it has different functions.

Salesman: Yes, functional clothes.

Reporter further investigation found that the e-commerce channel sales of stormy clothing is hot.

In an e-commerce shopping platform, the reporter searched with the key word "stormsuit" and found more than 4800 related products, with prices ranging from one to two hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. The reporter found that several of the hot-selling products were waterproof, moisture permeable, warm and wear-resistant.

The reporter noted that the nominal "cotton padded men's and women's Plush windproof and waterproof" products sold by this e-commerce platform clearly stated the trade name as "outdoor three in one stormsuit" in the product details, claiming that the fabric has the functions of "windproof, waterproof, warm keeping and air permeability".

The reporter placed an order to buy, but after receiving the goods, it was found that there was no information on the outer package, label and tag of this product that this product was a stormsuit, while the nominal name on the tag was "fashion jacket". Reporter to customer service staff asked, why buy the stormy clothes received is the jacket? Customer service staff told reporters that the name of the product on the tag can be changed as needed.

Reporters further investigation found that online publicity and the actual product name does not match the situation is not uncommon.

The comparative test results of functional clothing (stormwear) published by consumer associations in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei showed that among the 18 samples with false functional name, 4 samples were advertised as stormwear on the website, but the actual samples showed other clothing names and did not implement the standard of stormwear.

Wu Hailu, deputy director of consumption guidance department of Beijing Consumer Association: This product publicizes itself as a stormsuit product on the Internet, and has the functions of keeping warm, waterproof, breathable and windproof. But the actual sample he got, on the tag, he advertised that he was a stormsuit, but its executive standard was the standard of ordinary clothing. After our test, the waterproof performance of this product did not reach the waterproof effect that the stormsuit should have, so the product was suspected of false publicity.

Yang Xiaojun, Secretary General of Beijing Consumer Association: for example, we tested a sample of mammoth brand this time. We said on the Internet that we were a stormsuit and publicized the functions of windproof, waterproof and so on. In fact, it is marked with men's jacket, and the explicit executive standard is the standard of single clip clothing. In this standard, there is no functional requirement. According to the standard of stormsuit, the net water pressure of the sample is measured, that is, the waterproof performance is relatively poor. However, if the product is sampled by relevant departments and tested according to the specified standard of single jacket clothing, it is qualified He actually avoided the risk of this spot check.

Why is it marked as "ordinary clothing" when declaring "Stormy clothes"?

Experts said that the standard of ordinary clothing does not involve functionality. It claims to be a stormsuit, but it is the ordinary clothing standard that is marked and implemented. The problems such as the inconsistency between the online publicity and the product name of the actual samples can not be ruled out. It is not ruled out that the production and operation enterprises deliberately exploit the loopholes in order to avoid the risk of random inspection.

Guo Sheng, director of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of knitted products: we think that the main purpose is to avoid the detection of functional indicators such as moisture permeability and hydrostatic pressure, and also do not exclude some production and operation enterprises. It is intended to avoid our market supervision and random inspection.

It is understood that at present, there are more than 8000 enterprises engaged in the production and management of stormwear in China. Nowadays, whether on the street or in the outdoor travel, more and more people wear assault clothes. In order to track the quality of functional clothing products, in recent years, consumer associations and market supervision departments have paid close attention to the quality of functional clothing products, such as stormwear. However, waterproof and moisture permeability are not worthy of the name.

In 2017, the results of the comparative test of functional clothing stormwear published by Beijing Consumer Association showed that among the 26 samples which were explicitly expressed as stormwear, the functional items of 3 samples did not meet the requirements of relevant standards.

Shanghai market supervision bureau released the results of quality supervision and random inspection of stormwear products in 2019, which showed that the main problems of unqualified products were the unqualified functional items such as surface moisture resistance and moisture permeability.

The State Administration of market supervision and administration of the people's Republic of China announced the situation of supervision and random inspection in 2019. Among 40 batches of products, 7 batches of products were unqualified, and the unqualified items related to functional indicators such as surface moisture resistance (after washing), hydrostatic pressure (after washing).

Experts said that the function of the assault clothing is not worthy of its name. Some low-quality and cheap products infringe on the rights and interests of consumers under the guise of stormwear.

Shan Xuelei, deputy director of the national knitting product quality supervision and inspection center: like this phenomenon, the first thing that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers is that he does not mark this standard, that is, it is also a qualified product, and has not been marked according to that standard. Therefore, consumers must suffer a loss. Moreover, it is also a damage to the regular manufacturers. Therefore, we should regulate the market so that those that do not meet the standards can not be sold. Only in this way can we protect the interests of real businesses and ensure that consumers can buy real things at a reasonable price.

Beijing Consumer Association has transferred the unqualified samples to Beijing market supervision and Administration Bureau for investigation and treatment.

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