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Conference Preparation Plan And Model Essay

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Conference Preparation Site Observation Liaison Group

The Preparatory Programme for the conference includes:

First, confirm the name of the meeting.

2. Confirm the agenda.

(3) confirm the participants.

(4) determine the time and place.

Confirm the contents of the meeting notice.

Meeting notice to follow up the implementation procedures and requirements.

Requirements for venue layout.

The types, contents and requirements of the conference documents.

Conference equipment and supplies categories and requirements.

(I) logistics arrangements for meetings.

Minutes of the meeting


Venue service arrangement.

Meeting budget arrangements.

Procedures, requirements and responsible persons for pressing and feedback on agreed matters.

Other points for attention.

Conference preparation plan

Example 1

The general plan of the preparatory work for the on-the-spot meeting of XX provincial Party Affairs

According to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the on-site meeting of party affairs in XX Province will be held in from November 15 to 18, 2005.

In order to do well the on-site meeting, the plan is specially formulated.

(1) guiding ideology

Based on the sixteen major spirits of the party and the important thought of "Three Represents", the "provincial Party affairs open trial work" is guided by "the party's publicity, strengthening the party's construction and displaying harmony and X" as the theme, and publicizing, promoting and displaying the achievements of Party building at all levels, especially the implementation of party affairs publicity.

(two) contents of the conference

We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee and sum up the practice and experience of the pilot work of party affairs in XX city. We will observe the public demonstration points of party affairs at the scene, and study and deploy the publicity work of the party's work in the whole province, so as to promote the construction of the system of punishing and preventing corruption in the whole province.

(three) owners, contractors and participants

The on-the-spot meeting of the party's public affairs in XX Province was hosted by the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The participants were: the Deputy Secretary General of the provincial Party committee, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the municipal Party committee, the deputy secretaries of the municipal departments, the discipline inspection committee, the Deputy Secretary of the Organization Department, the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal (state) committee, the Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee, the provincial defense discipline Commission and the Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the University, the responsible comrades of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the supervision department, and the responsible comrades of the relevant units of the XXX city, and a total of more than 70 people are expected.

(four) main activities

The main activities of the conference are as follows:


On-site observation

(unit: * * City, * X county, * * area and other units);

2 exchange experience (Location: Municipal Auditorium);

3 summary of the meeting (Venue: Municipal Auditorium).



(five) organization and responsibilities

The Preparatory Committee for the on-the-spot meeting of "XX provincial Party affairs open work" was set up, which is fully responsible for the preparatory work of the on-site meeting.

Director: x x x deputy director: * x *

Membership: * * * * * * * * *

The Preparatory Committee consists of 5 groups:

1 Secretariat.

Group leader: * * * member: * * * * * * * * * * * *

Main responsibilities: (1) responsible for drafting the overall plan of the preparatory work.

(2) responsible for organizing and coordinating the work meetings and related meetings of the Preparatory Committee.

(3) drafting the leadership speech, the municipal Party committee's experience introduction, the welcoming speech and meeting request, the presiding speech of the general assembly, the welcome banquet, the toast, etc.

(4) responsible for the experience of the general assembly to introduce materials audit and check.

(5) responsible for collecting and collation of documents and materials for the publicity of party affairs, cataloging, filing and providing delegates' visits.

(6) responsible for the multi-media services provided by the municipal Party committee and relevant units.

(7) printing and collecting conference materials (materials), unifying the distribution of bags, and responsible for filing all the materials after the meeting.

(8) complete other tasks arranged by the Preparatory Committee.


Liaison Group

Group leader: * * * member: * * * * * * * * * * * *

Main responsibilities: (1) responsible for the supervision, improvement and liaison work before the meeting.

(2) confirm the observation route and review the introduction materials.

(3) complete other tasks arranged by the Preparatory Committee.

3 meeting section.

Group leader: * * * member: * * * * * * * * * * * *

Main responsibilities: (1) responsible for raising the general budget and drawing up the standard of financial expenditure.

(2) purchase goods (courtesy) products, and customize the package containing the name of the conference.

(3) responsible for the attendance and reception of Representatives and staff members.

(4) responsible for the preparation of the "conference service guide", designing and producing conference attendance cards and staff cards, arranging the venue and placing the seat labels according to the number of seats at the venue.

(5) responsible for implementing the cultural programmes of the welcoming banquet.

(6) plan and build the atmosphere around hotels and venues.

(7) responsible for implementing the conference car.

(8) setting up a medical and security liaison office at the residence of delegates.

(9) ensure the normal supply of electricity, water and heating during the meeting.

(10) complete other tasks arranged by the Preparatory Committee.

4 the publicity group.

Group leader: * * * member: * * * * * * * * * * * *

Main responsibilities: (1) to produce a TV feature film reflecting the full picture of party affairs in XX City (completed before November 10th), and to burn some VCD discs to the delegates.

(2) editing and publishing the compendium of information and printing some books.

(3) to be responsible for the broadcast of the "public television thematic films of the municipal Party committee" and the demonstration of "XX party affairs open network" and "XXX Party Committee comprehensive information network".

(4) develop commentary along the way and train commentators.

(5) TXT television reporters, XXX Daily reporters and Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and propaganda personnel throughout the photography (like), in the provincial and municipal news media, discipline inspection and supervision newspapers and magazines publicity conference and the effectiveness of the city party affairs publicity work, and strive to broadcast news in the national media.

(6) complete other tasks arranged by the Preparatory Committee.

5 safety and pportation section.

Group leader: * * * member: * * * * * * * * * * * *

Main responsibilities: (1) to be responsible for public security work around important venues such as venue, guesthouse and observation points during the conference, so as to dredge the traffic along the way, guide the convoys to pass through, and handle emergencies in letters and visits.

(2) responsible for routine diagnosis and treatment (first aid) and safety work during the meeting.

(3) complete other tasks arranged by the Preparatory Committee.



(six) implementation steps

The on-the-spot meeting of the party's publicity experiment is divided into two stages:

1 pre preparation (-11 October 1st, 14).

(1) the Preparatory Committee was set up on October 8th -23 to formulate the overall plan for the preparatory work and study the work of the Preparatory Committee.

(2) on October 24th -30, the working groups should work in a specific division of labour, carry out their responsibilities and carry out the implementation.

(3) in November 3rd, each group reported to the Preparatory Committee on the progress of its work.

(4) the Preparatory Committee in November 10th organized the acceptance.

(5) do a good job in linking up with the Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee before the meeting.

2 convene a meeting (November 15th -18).

Conference agenda: on-site observation, exchange of experience, summary of the conference.

(seven) job requirements

It is of great significance to undertake the on-site meetings of party work in the whole province. We must stand at the height of politics and the overall situation, and fully recognize the successful experience of promoting the party's construction at all levels, especially the publicity of party affairs, enhancing the popularity of XX in the whole province and promoting the comprehensive and rapid development of the economy and society. We will demonstrate the fruitful achievements of spiritual civilization and political civilization with a high sense of political responsibility and quality service.

The on-site meeting demands strict, tight time and heavy tasks. The Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the municipal Party committee attach great importance to the on-site meeting of the party's public trial work. The group must make clear their respective responsibilities and division of labor in accordance with the unified arrangement, carefully deploy, organize meticulously, cooperate closely and do everything possible to earnestly prepare for the implementation of the work so as to ensure the smooth convening of the on-site meeting.

Appendix: schedule for the on-the-spot meeting of "XX Province Party affairs open work"

The schedule of the on-site meeting of XX provincial Party affairs open work

The meeting was reported on 15, 111, and the meeting was held at 8:00 pm.

From 211 am to 16 a.m., we begin to visit XXX county (XXX town * * Township * * * North water pfer rural drinking water project * * town Anju district water park sports activity venue); at noon, welcome banquet at the municipal Party committee, and return to the hotel in the afternoon.

At 8:30 a.m. on 17, 311, at the municipal auditorium, we will see the demonstration of the public television special topic of party affairs and the opening of the municipal Party affairs network in the city hall. At 9:30-12:00 a.m., we will observe and exchange the meeting in the afternoon at 3:00-6:00 in the city (the * * * * * * * * * * * * Village). The meeting will be held at the same time. The meeting will be conducted by the municipal Party committee, the Ministry of organization, the XX county Party committee and the XXX town Party committee. Two statements will be made, and the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee and the Secretary of the discipline inspection committee will make an important speech.

At 8:30 the morning of 411 months, we visited the Museum of XXX pagoda and XXA at 8:30 in the morning.

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