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Nine Points For Attention In Luggage Shops

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Selling Customers

The bags are displayed beautifully and beautifully, attracting customers' eyeballs, attracting customers' eyeballs, and naturally promoting customers to buy bags and bags, of course. Sale Performance has also improved. This is actually a very simple one plus one equals two logic.

In recent years, with the rise of "display theory", more and more people begin to study the influence of bags display on customers buying bags.

  display The role of sales promotion is to increase sales and reduce inventory. Most customers purchase bags from shops not only by being attracted or liked, but also by the cost performance of bags, the relevance of bags, the theme of bags and so on. Therefore, Chen Li should not only understand aesthetics, ergonomics, color science, but also train and practice in luggage and bag enterprises for many years, fully grasp all aspects of luggage from design to production to logistics, as well as the characteristics of luggage sales, such as: life cycle, smooth, flat, unsalable, corresponding storage analysis, and so on.

When Chen Li is doing the overall layout plan, the theme of the product design plan is the principle that must be observed. In addition, the following 9 areas need special attention:

  First, understand company Annual market development plan

To understand the company's annual market development plan, we should understand the following aspects: increasing the number of shops; expanding the number of single stores; improving the growth rate of single stores; discount promotion, gift giving, VIP customer management plan, regional orientation plan, price adjustment plan, advertising and media publicity plan, and last year's quarterly data.

   Two. Understand the designer's overall design plan for the new season's products.

In the new product design, luggage designer should not wait, but should always keep track of the designer's ideas and progress. At the same time, he will launch a new terminal display plan.

  Three. Understand the new season's fabric ordering and production schedule.

There are usually many kinds of fabric ordering products in the season, sometimes more than 100 kinds. In addition, fabric composition, order quantity, arrival date and direction of fabric design are all information that Chen must master. It is impossible for the brain alone to memorize all this information, and it can not be completely distinguished by colors, patterns, etc.. With this information, the products are listed on the market, which is composed of fabrics and bags, and the layout and conception of shops.

  Four, understand the new listing plan, carry out color integration.

In the process of display planning, there is a very important procedure, that is, to integrate color system with hundreds of fabrics. Does the luggage designer have a color matching plan when they carry out the luggage design? Yes, the luggage designer will have a set of color schemes when designing the bags, but there is only one set. As Chen Li, there is only one matching scheme which is far from enough, because the matching scheme of the luggage designer is not necessarily able to deal with the actual situation of all shops, and is not necessarily recognized by the market. The first reaction is to promote sales by changing the display. This is the time when Chen's second plan and third plan will show his talents.

  Five. Understand the quantity and cleaning schedule of ready to wear garments in season.

There are two kinds of ready-made clothes, one is the best selling stock, the other is the unsalable stock. There is no need to worry about selling stocks. The key lies in slow-moving stocks. How to reassemble these poorly designed styles with the new season's goods and drive the sales of unsalable stocks is a must for the display designers. Mr. Chen has the responsibility to reduce garments inventory for his company through his two exhibition collocation and portfolio design. For example, we should increase the combination and matching scheme of jacket and accessories, increase the matching of trousers and the function of accessories.

  Six. Understand inventory fabric and reduction plan.

A very popular fabric, which may be purchased in large quantities, may result in a surplus of fabric in second years. The company will continue to design and manufacture the remaining fabrics. What Chen Li Shi wants to do at this time is to master the quantity of these remaining fabrics, and judge the production of the bags by the amount of the remaining fabrics, and make corresponding display plans. In addition, some of the remaining fabrics that had not been sold well need attention from the division. The enterprises may redesign them into new styles, reprocessed dyed fabrics or accessories for bags. In short, they should become aware of their movements, because they will become finished products one day and become part of this season's luggage and bag series, and planning their display in advance will decide whether these stocks can be integrated perfectly with the new season bags.

   Seven. Understand the new season accessories development order form.

The development of accessories is usually done by luggage designers, but many domestic luggage designers do not have such ability and energy. If the company does not have a special department responsible for accessories development, this work should be undertaken by the display department. As for the reasons, one sentence can be summed up: "a clever woman can't make bricks without straw." Without accessories, it is difficult to make a good display. Imagine a set of dark colored business suits. If you don't have such accessories as brooches, scarves and bags, how do you make them?

The accessories development order schedule is based on the new season's fabric ordering, production arrangement and new product listing plan. The two strengths of accessories development are:

First, the color of accessories is exactly the same as that of this season's luggage. Mr. Chen found the color card of the fabric ahead of time. When developing accessories, the standard color matched with a piece or a few pieces of fabric was accurately supplied to the manufacturer, so that the accessories developed could not match the colors of the bags.

The two is to develop exclusive accessories. One of the classic accessories that has been handed down by CHANEL is the camellia with the same texture as luggage and bags, which is the exclusive accessories mentioned above, which is perfect and perfect in matching with bags. In addition to choosing it, customers can no longer find more matching accessories, which is the highest level of dress matching.

  Eight. Collect brand information.

The brand information here includes shop layout layout, elevation, real photos, props classification statistics (model, exhibition rack, freight bar, suppliers and responsible departments, etc.). With the development of the brand, the number of shops is increasing, the layout of the shops will be changed, and the display appliances such as props and models are constantly being adjusted. The information of Chen's teacher will also be constantly updated, because these props are the important tools for Chen Li to interpret the luggage Designer's dream at the terminal.

   Nine. Understand fashion information.

The most important feature of a bag is constantly updating and changing. Without change, there is no bag. One of the purposes of display is to show these changes accurately and at a glance. The scheme and method of display should also be aimed at promoting popularity.

The fashionable and popular colors of the bags are not necessarily passed by the designer of the bag, but not necessarily by a country with a bag of traditional culture. Instead, it is a collection of one or two smart marketing departments, so that a brand can be hyped to become a popular brand and an artificial fashion style. The popularity of all bags and accessories, whether they are T-shirts or sports shoes, can become fashionable objects. Therefore, the bag industry is a combination of market operation and design.


When the above preparations are completed, there is a mature display plan in the mind of this excellent and experienced teacher. What is the main theme of the luggage shop? What is the theme? What kind of selling points are highlighted? What is the key point? What is the promotion? How does the window echo the theme? There is already a clear vein. After the display of professional skills and the matching of bags and bags, the display work of the bags shop can be concluded. The only way to display beautiful techniques is to really help the sales and profits of luggage shops.

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