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Dispel The Haze With Love: The Observation, Protection, Help And Education Base Leads The "Lost Youth" To Live In The Sun

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May 12, successive rainy days, let the weather appear a bit cold. The West Lane of South Bingzhou road has a history of 100 years Taiyuan white dove clothing In the sewing workshop of the limited liability company, the worker is busy in front of the sewing machine with the low sound of the machine. Among them, Xiao Wei (not his real name), who is wearing a work cap and uniform, is attentive and meticulous in his work.

Few people know that this childish face was still a "problem youth" a few months ago, and faced prosecution by the procuratorial organs for suspected crimes. Now, he can return to a quiet life and work quietly in the workshop, which benefits from the active implementation of the city's procuratorial organs of juvenile care system.

   The thrill is a thief

Now 17-year-old Xiao Wei (pseudonym) is a native of Fenyang City in our province.

One day in 2020, Xiao Wei and two adults drove from their hometown to Taiyuan, the provincial capital. That night, they began to steal along a street in Xiaodian District, and opened more than 10 shops in succession. Although Xiaowei was prosecuted by the procuratorate for theft of more than ten yuan, it was only transferred to Xiaowei for theft.

In the process of examination and interrogation, Zhang Yan, the prosecutor of the non prosecution office of the people's court, found that Xiao Wei was in charge of watching the wind when he committed the crime, and the plot was minor. The reason why he went astray was that he not only made friends carelessly, but also looked for stimulation factors. In his words, "I'm not for money, I want to see whether it's exciting.". At the same time, Xiao Wei is also a child growing up in doting, and his family basically "responds to every request". After the crime, Xiao Wei's mother actively returned the stolen goods to more than 10 shops and obtained the understanding of the other party.

"After investigation and visit, we made a conditional non prosecution against Xiao Wei," Zhang Yan told reporters. Yu Xiaowei was a stranger. In order to better supervise him, the hospital decided to send him to the observation, care, help and education base for minors involved in the case and accept the test for half a year.

   Complete transformation in labor

In December 2021, Xiao Wei walked out of the detention center and went to the white dove Clothing Co., Ltd. under the leadership of the prosecutor.

"I want to tell you that it is inevitable to make mistakes in life, but the most important thing is to be willing to admit mistakes, to correct, to bear hardships and to learn, so as to" learn your specialty, learn from your essence, and learn from your integrity "..." at the gate of the factory, Qin min, chairman of the company, earnestly told Xiaowei that he should learn a skill well as "the foundation of life" for returning to society. After that, chairman Qin min arranged for Zhang Jinhua, the person in charge of the sewing workshop, to "pair up" with Xiao Wei to carry out one-on-one observation and guidance, so as to correct his ideological and behavioral deviation.

If you don't carve jade, you can't make an instrument. In the sewing workshop, the master taught Xiao Wei skills hand in hand. He also took him to read "University", "the golden mean", "cultural confidence and national rejuvenation", etc., writing about his experience and understanding of growth. "Lunch is provided in the factory, and he is paid by piece. He is very attentive in his study and never lazy in his daily work." Zhang Jinhua is happy to see Yu Xiaowei's growth in his eyes.

"There are still more than ten days, the test period will be over, and then I will look for a good job." speaking of the harvest of this period, Xiao Wei took out his own learning experience and thought report. "More important than understanding is determination, more important than method is responsibility." I will seriously study life experience, improve myself, and be a useful person for society "... Imperceptibly, He completed the transition from idleness to hard work.

Xiao Wei doesn't know that Xiao Hua, who was once suspected of robbery in the cutting workshop upstairs, has been transformed under the help of Wang Wenhui, the person in charge of the workshop. After the trial period, he successfully "returned home".

   Feel the warmth of home

"In less than a month, I was particularly happy to see him getting better and better." On May 13, the sky was clear. Xuan Zhaowang, chairman of Wanda automobile maintenance Co., Ltd., near the east railway station of Wulongkou street, stood by the glass wall on the second floor, looking down at Xiao Ming (pseudonym) who was studying hard by the auto repair master downstairs. His eyes were full of warmth.

In March this year, Xiao Ming, a 16-year-old Datong boy, together with two bad youths, made out a netizen and robbed each other's mobile phone and electric car. Considering Xiao Ming's ignorance of the law, his subjective maliciousness is small, and his crime is minor, the Wanbailin District Procuratorate made a decision not to arrest him. On April 15th, the procuratorial department of the people's Procuratorate of the city sent it to the Xiaoming company.

Xuan Zhaowang still remembers the scene when he first saw Xiao Ming: his clothes were thin and he walked with a bow on his back. He did not have the vigor of a young man at all. Knowing that Xiao Ming's mother died for many years, his father worked abroad all the year round, and that Xiao Ming lived with his elderly grandparents, Xuan zhaowangdang, a retired soldier with 13 years' experience in the army, decided to go to battle in person to educate and guide the child.

That afternoon, Xuan Zhaowang and Xiao Ming had a long talk. "First of all, we should learn to be a filial and honest person", "work diligently and think more"... Under the guidance of Xuan Zhaowang's words and deeds, Xiao Ming's character is becoming more and more sunny. He also takes the initiative to chat with his grandparents every day, call his father, and report his study and life.

"In addition to Mr. Xuan, all the masters take care of me and help me," said Xiao Ming. The company also arranged accommodation for him, which made him feel the warmth of his home again.

   Set up base to help navigation "return"

"Juvenile delinquency has not only their own reasons, but also family, environmental and social reasons. To protect the healthy growth of minors needs the support of the whole society." Li Junlin, director of the eighth procuratorial department of the municipal procuratorate, said that compared with adult delinquency, juvenile delinquency has stronger plasticity and is easier to be corrected.

In order to better "educate, reform and save" the juvenile involved in crimes and realize accurate assistance and education, in September 2021, Xiaodian District procuratorate and District Federation of industry and Commerce set up a juvenile observation, care, help and education base in 11 caring enterprises under their jurisdiction. In November of that year, the Municipal People's Procuratorate consulted with the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, and selected five caring enterprises with strong sense of social responsibility, keen on social public welfare undertakings and low occupational risk coefficient as the observation, care, help and education base for juvenile delinquents in our city.

At present, five eligible minors have been sent to various nursing, helping and teaching bases. Li Junlin said that bringing them into the observation and protection base and carrying out assistance, education and investigation with conditions can not only make them know their sins and repent, but also enable them to learn skills, so as to better help these children reintegrate into society. "The observation, protection, help and education base is like fertile soil and warm sunshine. Here, children who go astray can regain their confidence and live in the sun."

Reporter Liu Youwang

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