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General Administration Of Customs: A Group Of Selected Enterprises As Sample Enterprises For China'S Foreign Trade Export Leading Index Survey

2022/5/9 22:13:00 0

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Recently, the General Administration of Customs issued announcement No. 35 of 2022 (notice on adjusting the sample enterprises of China's foreign trade export leading index survey), and decided to adjust the sample enterprises of China's foreign trade export leading index survey.

In order to improve the accuracy of judging the export situation and serve the development of the country's trade in goods, the General Administration of Customs has collected information on orders, confidence and costs of some export enterprises every month since June 2012, which is used to compile the "China's foreign trade export leading index". According to the statistical investigation system of China's foreign trade export leading index (the survey item number is shg20-2019-20, and the approval number is Guo Tong Zhi [2019] No. 137), the General Administration of Customs has decided to adjust the sample enterprise scope of China's foreign trade export leading index survey.

The customs shall, in a timely manner, cooperate with the enterprises in submitting the questionnaires and making them known to the public. If it is found that the enterprise intentionally falsifies or conceals statistical data, it will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the statistical law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations for the implementation of the statistical law of the people's Republic of China.

The customs shall keep confidential the information provided by the sample enterprises. The information of sample enterprises has been included in the standard for enterprises with advanced certification of Customs (notice of the General Administration of customs, No. 88, 2021). The sample enterprises can have priority access to the customs statistical data query service and the enterprise customs declaration document file query service.

According to reports, China's foreign trade export leading index is a comprehensive index that can predict and warn the export situation in the next two to three months, and is an important part of the customs statistical index system. Among the main factors affecting China's foreign trade export, the macro indicators such as processing trade import, foreign direct investment in manufacturing industry, investment and consumption of major economies, and micro indicators such as enterprise orders, confidence and cost can predict the export trend in advance. The General Administration of Customs conducts statistical processing on these indicators to synthesize China's leading export index.

According to the principles of stability, sustainability, representativeness and randomness, the statistical analysis department of the General Administration of Customs adopted the method of cluster, stratified and unequal proportion random sampling to select a total of 3118 export enterprises with a continuous export record and an export volume of more than 38 million yuan in 2021 from 2019 to 2021, forming a new round of sample enterprises.

A new round of sample enterprises have participated in the survey since May 2022, and the frequency of the survey is once a month. Enterprises should fill in the questionnaire online from the 25th to 27th of each month (weekends and legal holidays will be postponed).

A new round of enterprise list

(textile and clothing)

Beijing Guanghua times Textile Clothing Co., Ltd

Beijing Kuailu Weaving Co., Ltd

Beijing fumaisi carpet Co., Ltd

Tianjin Textile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd

Tianjin garment import and Export Co., Ltd

Qinhuangdao Sanqin suit Co., Ltd

Xingtai Hengjin Textile Co., Ltd

Hebei Kaiyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Baoding Tianma interlining Co., Ltd

Hebei pan Mei Garment Co., Ltd

Tengding Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone Xinghua Garment Co., Ltd

Daqing garment (Dalian) Co., Ltd

Dandong Aikete garment industry Co., Ltd

Shanghai Zhongzhi Garment Co., Ltd

Shanghai xinlianfang Import & Export Co., Ltd

Shanghai Xinhua Chang yarn factory Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yanqi Textile Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weixing Garment Accessories Co., Ltd

Trutzschler textile machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

China Silk Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Ouyi Textile Co., Ltd

Shanghai Shijia Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Sumida Textile International Trade Co., Ltd

Youshi textile import and Export Co., Ltd

Wuxi Qianchang garment manufacturing Co., Ltd

Wuxi liutan Garment Co., Ltd

Wuxi Jintong High Fiber Co., Ltd

Wuxi wanglvhong Textile Co., Ltd

Wuxi Yongyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Wuxi Quansheng Textile Co., Ltd

Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd

Changzhou Garment Co., Ltd

Changzhou Dishang Clothing Co., Ltd

Changzhou Dongao Garment Co., Ltd

PuJie non woven fabric (China) Co., Ltd

Suzhou Yunhan Garment Co., Ltd

Suzhou newlock Textile Co., Ltd

Jinxiang Textile Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Suzhou aiwang Textile Co., Ltd

Suzhou Wanli Weaving Co., Ltd

Nantong lvbajiao Textile Co., Ltd

Nantong Shangni Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu lansiyu household textiles Co., Ltd

Nantong wangersheng Textile Co., Ltd

Nantong gobia Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Ruisheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Zhenjiang wisdom clothing import and Export Co., Ltd

Changshu Renxin Knitting Co., Ltd

Changshu Jinze Textile Co., Ltd

Junma Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang KAtex Textile Co., Ltd

Jiangsu anbolun Textile Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang oujin needle textile Co., Ltd

Zhangjiang Renchuan Textile Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Clothing Co., Ltd

Wuxi Jiafang supply chain Co., Ltd

Jiangyin xiamu Clothing Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Zhongchuang textile import and Export Co., Ltd

Dongtai yashiyuan Textile Co., Ltd

Kunshan Chuanghong Textile Co., Ltd

Kunshan airun Textile Co., Ltd

Wujiang Enzo Textile Co., Ltd

Suzhou Muyang textile import and Export Co., Ltd

Wang TuRui Textile Co., Ltd

Hangzhou light industry textile import and Export Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Xinda Fuchun Clothing Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Huadi Textile Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Tiansen Textile Co., Ltd

Tongxiang Hengji Differential Fiber Co., Ltd

Jiaxingwei Meite dyeing and finishing Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Fuda chemical fiber factory

Tongxiang Zhongxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

Huzhou leading ribbon Co., Ltd

Changxing Yifang Materials Trading Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Huaou Clothing Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing wozhan Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Keqiao dinglei Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing diesheng Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang new Aidi Clothing Group Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Huinan Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang life Textile Clothing Co., Ltd

Shaoxing zhenzeng Textile Co., Ltd

Jinhua Meihe Clothing Co., Ltd

Haining textile comprehensive enterprise Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Lanxin Textile Co., Ltd

Zhuji Yijia Knitting Co., Ltd

Zhuji Huilong Garment Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Meier bar Textile Co., Ltd

Zhuji gaorixing Clothing Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Beiqi Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Keqiao Tianluo Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Shengfang Fabric Co., Ltd

Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd

Ningbo Green Textile Co., Ltd

Ningbo Baina Clothing Co., Ltd

Ningbo Kangsheng century textile Co., Ltd

Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd

Anhui Yishang Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Anhui mingniule camel Clothing Co., Ltd

Anhui Tianyi new fiber technology Co., Ltd

Xiamen houhuangsheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Xiamen Feiling Textile Clothing Co., Ltd

Jinjiang Tianyi clothing Weaving Co., Ltd

Jinjiang Langshi garment Weaving Co., Ltd

Jinjiang kingbird garment Weaving Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Jinheng garment industry Co., Ltd

Qingdao grammer Garment Co., Ltd

Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd

Qingdao yongchangyuan Textile Co., Ltd

Qingdao Kangsen Clothing Co., Ltd

Qingdao Lite Garment Co., Ltd

Qingdao chenyu'er household textiles Co., Ltd

Qingdao Jinsanyang Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao ruijiayuan Textile Co., Ltd

Yantai North home textiles Co., Ltd

Weihai Textile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd

Weihai TaiFang Garment Co., Ltd

Weihai yindy Garment Co., Ltd

Weihai Textile & Garment Co., Ltd

Weihai Emanuel Garment Co., Ltd

Weihai Haima Dahua carpet Co., Ltd

Rizhao Huayu Textile Co., Ltd

Qingdao yamer Home Textile Co., Ltd

Shandong Lanyan jeans Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengli Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Weifang Lantian Textile Co., Ltd

Weifang Lantian Clothing Co., Ltd

Shouguang yongdefu non woven fabric Co., Ltd

Tai Lu Yi Knitting Co., Ltd

Shandong Binzhou printing and Dyeing Group Import and Export Co., Ltd

Shandong Pingyang Textile Co., Ltd

Weifang Jinyuan Ambos Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd

Zhucheng Fubo Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd

Xinxiang Hushen special fabric Co., Ltd

Hubei Bingxin Weaving Co., Ltd

Chibi Tiancheng line Industry Co., Ltd

Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd

Heyuan xinlibao clothing ingredients Co., Ltd

Guangdong Shunde textile import and Export Co., Ltd

Panyu Textile Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yujia Garment Co., Ltd

Dongguan Shatian Lihai textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jinyi Garment Co., Ltd

Dongguan Runxin Elastic Fabric Co., Ltd

Dongguan huangmin Clothing Co., Ltd

Dongguan Nayou Garment Co., Ltd

Dongguan shengdiani Garment Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jianfeng Knitting Co., Ltd

Shenzhen jinlihui Clothing Co., Ltd

Hongmei Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Huaxing Garment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Lifeng Linen Textile Co., Ltd

Guangdong Zhongshan silk import and Export Group Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Lida knitting and garment factory Co., Ltd

Dadi garment industry (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd

Shantou Xindao Knitting Co., Ltd

Shantou sunflower Knitting Industry Co., Ltd

Guangdong Mengtai hi tech fiber Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Baofa textile clothing manufacturing Co., Ltd

Mianyang Jiaxi printing and dyeing Co., Ltd

Ziyang Jixi shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd

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