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Eight Mistakes Often Committed By Exhibitors

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Exhibitors Often Commit Eight Kinds Of Mistakes.

In recent years, China's Convention and exhibition industry has been developing rapidly, and has been recognized by more and more enterprises.

With the increasing number of exhibitors, how to make full use of limited resources to maximize the benefits of exhibitors in the process of exhibitors has always been a topic of concern.


There are eight common mistakes that I hope will help you to participate in the exhibition.

1. the purpose of the exhibition is not clear.

The purpose of the exhibition is the whole exhibition center. It is clear that the ultimate purpose of your exhibition is helpful to the completion of other works -- theme, exhibition hall layout, product display, etc.

The purpose of the exhibition should be to promote your products and help them enter the market.

2. forget to read.

Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor's manual is your guide in all aspects of the exhibition and the way to save money.

These manuals are concise and easy to understand. There are everything you want to know about the exhibition.

Exhibitors information

Exhibitions, pportation services, housing information, advertising and promotion information.

3. ignore the role of employees.

Spend a lot of time, money and energy to organize exhibitors work - booth only printed catalogue and so on.

As a matter of fact, these people are your special envoys. They should note the purpose, contents and expectations of their participation in advance. Staff training is necessary for establishing a professional image.

4. ignore the needs of exhibitors.

Usually, exhibitors feel obligated to provide information for exhibitors, but ignore their real needs. They lack the skills of asking questions and often miss important information.

To avoid this problem, training and preparation before exhibition are necessary.

5., he is not good at collecting information.

In order to achieve the purpose of participation, it is important that people who participate in organizing exhibitions need to be happy to talk to strangers and understand their needs.

6. not familiar with product presentations.

The exhibition staff do not know the demonstration of the product. It is necessary to communicate with your staff before the exhibition to ensure they are familiar with the display and display of the exhibition hall.

7. ignore follow-up work after the exhibition.

After the exhibition, the exhibition work usually takes the place of the second place. You should set up a timetable before the exhibition so as to follow up the work everyday and make the follow-up work of the sales representative office more meaningful.

8. ignore the exhibition assessment.

The exhibitions are different. Every exhibition has its advantages and disadvantages. There are always some areas to be improved.

At the end of each exhibition, please work together with your staff to conduct self-assessment so as to continuously improve themselves.

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