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The First Two Months Of The Month, Dongguan Footwear Exports Ranked The Top Among All Kinds Of Products.

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In the first four months, Dongguan footwear exports ranked first among all kinds of products, and the next two months are the key period for testing enterprises.

At the twenty-second Guangzhou international footwear, leather and industrial equipment exhibition, which was closed recently, Han Baosheng, chairman of Guangdong English limited company, talked about the shoe industry in Guangzhou.

Insiders pointed out that the next four months will be a critical moment for Guangdong shoe enterprises. If they can survive successfully, it means that everyone is willing to continue to stick to it, otherwise there may be a new round of "collapse tide" or "run away tide".

Climate anomalies cause more stress.

The collapse of the footwear industry in Guangdong in 2007 is still fresh in the minds of many people in the industry.

Information from the footwear association of Asia shows that in the first three quarters of 2007, there were about 1000 shoe factories and related enterprises in Guangdong, which were closed down or closed up by the courts due to rising costs, appreciation of the renminbi, policy adjustment and other factors.

Only 200 of the more than 1000 shoemaking enterprises in Dongguan went bankrupt in -300.

Although the footwear industry has been gradually recovering since 2009, Guangdong shoe enterprises have been in a difficult position since last year.

As the base of Guangdong footwear industry, customs data show that the export volume of footwear in Dongguan increased by 15.9% in the 1-10 months of last year. In the 1-2 months of this year, the export volume of footwear in Dongguan increased by 10.6%, ranking the first in the decline of major export products.

"Our company is mainly export oriented, and sales have dropped by 30%-40% this year."

Li Jiankang, director of the Limited by Share Ltd, told the new express that apart from the continued debt crisis and the appreciation of the renminbi, the global climate anomaly is also one of the reasons for hinder the growth of shoe exports.

"Because the weather is abnormal, the cold weather is not cold, the season does not turn to the season, causing retailers to overstock a lot of inventory, do not dare to place orders."

He Guiling, President of the Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association, told the new express that more than 70% of Guangdong shoe enterprises were organizing production and sales in the form of processing trade. With the increase of land resources, labor, raw materials, energy, pportation and financial costs, the profits of small and medium enterprises in the footwear industry continued to decline.

"Rising labor costs are the biggest headache."

Han Baosheng said, on the one hand, the footwear industry as a labor-intensive industry, even if achieved a higher automation, it is also difficult to get rid of dependence on manual production; on the other hand, Guangdong shoe enterprises, like other industries, are faced with the problem of recruitment difficulties. Now, 3000 yuan or so is difficult to attract workers into the factory, but it is difficult for these enterprises to bear it.

7-9 months may be Shui Ling

The footwear industry in Dongguan has been reported to be "closed down" for many times. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of industrial pfer of footwear industry is becoming more and more obvious.

He Guiling said that in order to reduce the cost pressure, some enterprises are pferring grads, and they will soon turn to the central and western regions with better labour force and cheaper government support, or Vietnam, India and other countries.

In addition, some of the enterprises' orders have shifted from relying on external parts to internal ones, and have been OEM for BELLE, AOKANG and other domestic shoe enterprises.

In addition, exhibitors attending the Guangzhou international shoe exhibition said that the price of raw materials in China is soaring, and the price of raw materials abroad is cheaper.

For example, the price of imported raw materials from Brazil and the United States is 40% cheaper than domestic prices, and the cost of labor in Southeast Asian countries is relatively low, thus attracting a large number of manufacturers to migrate factories.

Li Jiankang believes that the next four months will be a test of confidence in Guangdong shoe enterprises.

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