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Chinese Clothing -- Based On Tradition, Seeking Innovation, Creating More "Fashionable Clothes" With Brand

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When Chinese brands are shared by the world, leading brands should take the initiative to take more responsibility for innovation, win the future with innovation, and make the world famous with brands.

-- written on China brand day in 2022

 Chinese clothing -- Based on tradition, seeking innovation, creating more "fashionable clothes" with brand

Clothing culture has been inherited for thousands of years, Clothes & Accessories And the market keeps up with the times. In the post epidemic era, with the improvement of consumer willingness and the coverage of mobile terminals, the diversification, personalization and fast frequency of clothing consumption market has gradually deepened, and the mature new generation has gradually become the main force of consumption.

In the face of the new clothing market environment and the new consumption trend of the new main crowd, should we blindly cater to it or adapt to it in innovation; How to accurately control the market consumption trend, expand the demand and influence of consumer end, Chinese clothing as clothing Brand, out of a set of brand power, product force, channel force in one of the characteristics of the development path.

As "Chinese people's own costumes", Chinese Costume Based on the tradition and linking with the modern trend culture, we have created a series of classic "fashion clothes" with beauty, cultural sense and fashion flavor. At present, Chinese clothing has developed from a single clothing brand to a major clothing culture brand with fashion crowd, campus crowd and workplace crowd as the support, highlighting Chinese aesthetic fashion, inheriting and carrying forward national culture, highlighting the brand power of "brand power, Chinese people take responsibility".

 Chinese clothing -- Based on tradition, seeking innovation, creating more "fashionable clothes" with brand

Chinese brand, Yun Yang eight sides. Chinese costumes absorb the profound Confucian culture from the mountains and waters of Yimeng, integrate modern technology into the process, pay attention to functional research and development in fabrics, and effectively improve the added value of products, which are loved by people of all ages and classes. Throughout the course of more than 20 years, the development path of Chinese clothing is clear and clear: the integration of culture and science and technology, the creation of diversified brand layout, and constantly comply with the trend of the times, constantly breaking their own margins, casting brand-new growth momentum, Chinese clothing design and production with international standards, full of the flavor of the new era "spring tide rolling" "Oriental lion" mass parade dress and the design of female militia Square clothing have been recognized all over the world.

Chinese craftsmen dig deep into the traditional culture, and constantly carry out self running in and evolution according to the changes of new technology, new consumers and new market, which has led the direction of clothing industry for many years. Chinese clothing adheres to itself, but also has the innovation and adaptability of endogenous power. Along the way, it has been honored as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's textile and garment industry, one of the top 50 enterprises in China's professional wear, a famous brand in China's clothing industry, and a well-known trademark in China. In the "2021 evaluation and promotion of Chinese clothing bidding procurement" held by the brand promotion platform of bidding supply chain, Chinese clothing has won many awards such as 2021 Chinese professional tooling brand and 2021 Chinese school uniform brand.

   Professional tooling Design as the soul and innovation with the society

Professional tooling is the concentrated embodiment of social civilization ecology and "people-oriented" concept. Under the background of China's rapid economic development and the opening of a new journey, various industries have entered into high-quality development, and the professional tooling has also been upgraded and developed. The high-quality professional tooling is more recognized by the market, so as to adapt to the higher dimensional and deeper "pan" occupational needs, and better serve the "people" and economic development.

 Based on the traditional clothing, seeking innovation

Adhering to the "craftsman spirit" and adhering to the business philosophy of "main brand, all categories and all channels", Chinese Costume It has been deeply cultivated in the professional tooling market for 25 years, and has become a domestic leading enterprise with exemplary significance in high-quality development, transformation and upgrading of professional tooling, and has taken on the market responsibility of leading, leading and expanding. As designers and producers of clothing, Chinese people integrate clothing culture into the corporate culture of customers. In terms of design, technology and fabric research and development, Chinese people integrate different professional scenes and different cultural atmosphere, forming a series of worker's work clothes in full bloom. In order to further strengthen the aesthetic elements and scientific and technological elements of professional tooling, Chinese clothing introduces the world's leading technology and equipment, employs international design team, creates a strict quality management system, and strives for improvement in one needle and one thread; In a thread, strive for perfection. At present, Chinese Costume Its products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification, from the standard to consolidate the "quality" foundation.

 Chinese clothing -- Based on tradition, seeking innovation, creating more "fashionable clothes" with brand

People familiar with Chinese know that Chinese clothing has changed the rigid and serious image of traditional professional work clothes, and enhanced the "charm" of professional clothes through fashion, and improved the performance, texture and wearing experience of professional clothes through high technology. Especially in the context of the rapid development of science and technology and the increasingly complex working environment, Chinese clothing takes the lead in the introduction of anti-static, anti ultraviolet, anti radiation and other functions in the production of professional tooling, which further strengthens the practicability of professional tooling and the protection of human body, and causes industry brands to follow suit. Chinese clothing in the field of professional clothing bold and delicate rigorous expansion action, also let many consumers affectionately call it "China professional wear experts.".

School uniform: unfolding the school image and shaping students' character

School uniform is not a single campus dress. It is like a book. It is the inheritance of school culture and an important part of school etiquette education. With the development of school education field, education concept and the times, the design of school uniform in China is constantly transforming and upgrading, and it shows more important significance in promoting the reform of school aesthetic education and the common educational value. As a brand in the field of school uniform in China, Chinese clothing has never stopped in the exploration of aesthetic education. Through the innovative design of school uniform, the formal aesthetic education is promoted to the substantive aesthetic education, and the school uniform becomes the carrier for students to understand, experience, feel, appreciate and create beauty.

   Chinese clothing -- Based on tradition, seeking innovation, creating more "fashionable clothes" with brand

From the specific situation of the school, students' aesthetic needs and society Trend transformation The school uniform should be carried out in the front line of school dress, and the function of school dress should be carried out in the level of school dress and market. Through the ingenious design, the Chinese clothing has reversed the stereotype of "old style" and lack of "aesthetics, solemnity and formality", and guides students to understand the aesthetic law and form the aesthetic standard with the school uniform style which shows the aesthetic elements. Through the full use of new scientific and technological elements, Chinese clothing highlights the characteristics of sweat absorption and ventilation in summer, warm clothing in winter, easy to clean, wear-resistant, antibacterial, waterproof, antifouling, anti ultraviolet, etc. it improves the overall quality of school uniform, and at the same time, makes children wear more safe and comfortable, showing the brand core of "Chinese people are auspicious, valiant, beautiful campus, healthy and fashionable". Thanks to the excellent quality and excellent brand effect, Chinese school uniforms are very popular in the market. From 2019 to 2021, "national 930 activity" was held for three consecutive years. In the ceremony of presenting flower baskets to the people's Heroes in Tiananmen Square, the clothing of more than ten primary and secondary school students, including Beijing 171 middle school and experimental No.2 primary school, were all developed, designed and produced by Chinese clothing.

High end customization of clothing: Innovation in line with the world, service achievements in the future

 Chinese clothing -- Based on tradition, seeking innovation, creating more "fashionable clothes" with brand

Under the influence of the trend of diversification, personalization and fashion, the high-end clothing customization industry is gradually moving towards diversification and light luxury, and has the characteristics of natural, comfortable, green and environmental protection. Different from general clothing, high-end clothing customization emphasizes a life style of personality, dignity and fit, and also pays more attention to the high degree of fitting with individual characteristics in the design and production of clothing. This kind of fit is not only limited to the overall style of clothing, but also exists in a series of details such as buttons, pockets, collar type, etc. And on the basis of all this, top fabrics are equally essential. As the leader of high-end clothing customization industry, Chinese clothing has accumulated rich technology, technology and experience for many years, and let high-end clothing exclusive and unique witness.

Treat it like a work of art Clothing customization With time, patience and high-level craft and technology to create exclusive art classics for customers. Chinese clothing attaches importance to every detail of customers' wearing occasions, occupations, personal preferences, colors and even watch positions. It also selects the world's top fabrics, carefully designs style lines, and integrates the personalized elements of customers, so as to make the clothes beautiful, fashionable, elegant and atmospheric, From the inside to the outside, every place has a unique mark of customers. With extensive and profound design culture and excellent product system, Chinese people's high-end clothing customization market step by step. At the same time, with people-friendly price and considerate service, Chinese people's high-end customization has entered a broader market.

All the way to development, all the way to prosperity, Chinese Costume In the new era, the vigorous brand strength is more obvious. Chinese people learn nutrition from traditional culture, gain strength in fashion storm, forge ahead in the perception and thinking of nature, culture and art, and grow into a domestic brand clothing enterprise integrating R & D and design, intelligent production, global sales, brand operation and cultural communication, To create a national clothing industry "national glory.".

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