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The Transformation Of Brand Consumption Is The Development Direction Of Chinese Children'S Clothing.

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China's children's clothing is developing at an unprecedented speed. What changes have taken place in the demands of parents and children? What brands do they prefer? Whether regional differences will have an impact on the choice of consumers? The reporter conducted a questionnaire survey on the new trend of Chinese children's clothing consumption through interviews and interviews with well-known children's clothing enterprises in Wangfujing, Xidan and other business circles in Beijing, and combined with the first textile network and the questionnaire website.

Statutory holidays become the peak of sales

The survey shows that in Beijing, Wangfujing, Xidan and other business circles, every Spring Festival, "May 1", "June 1" and other statutory holidays and clothing changing seasons are all the peak sales periods for all brands of children's wear. In addition, sales on Saturday, Sunday and vacation are very good. Especially in the Spring Festival and the "June 1" brand children's clothing sales are particularly hot.

Shenzhen year Fu Garment Co., Ltd. Annil General manager Cao Zhang analysis: "June 1" is the key consumption point of children's clothing category year. Every business will launch a large amount of preferential activities to give profits to consumers. Therefore, special festivals will stimulate sales performance in shopping malls to a certain extent. During this year's "June 1" period, he will hold a large rabbit art exhibition in Shenzhen and Wuxi, and carry out more than 40 theme roadshow activities, "childlike innocence and boundless comfort" in the national stores. Through a variety of activities, we can share the joy of childhood with adults and children, and carry out related activities in official micro-blog.

Of course, children's clothing will also have a low sales season. However, the peak season of sales of children's clothing will vary. The survey shows that the product structure of different brands is different because of the distinction between children, children, children and children. Children's life patterns vary from age to age, resulting in different brands. In addition, because the main buyers of children's wear are parents, children's wear sales are concentrated in the parents' free time, so statutory holidays become the special sales peak for children's wear.

In the 1878 questionnaires, 100% of the parents bought clothes for children on June 1. Chen Zhicheng, general manager of the 361 degree (Xiamen) industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 361 degree children's wear business center once again confirms this phenomenon: "in the field of children's clothing, there is a characteristic that is five before the week before Christmas, and about half a month to two and a half months, accounting for 50% of the annual turnover. Especially in the two days from December 31st to new year's day, business is amazing.

Product safety, comfort and environmental protection are the key.

General manager Cao Zhang said in an interview with reporters: "at present, consumer demand for children's clothing has not changed significantly. If we decide the proportion of purchase factors, recently, consumers are more concerned about the safety and comfort of clothing. According to my understanding, many young mothers will consciously check the tag of clothing when they choose to buy children's clothing. That is to say, after 80 generations become parents of the younger generation, with the improvement of their knowledge level, they have high requirements for various products. Of course, fashion safety is still the theme of clothing design without the guarantee of clothing safety and comfort. Mothers are also more willing to choose fashionable children's clothing products.

In the Beijing market, children's wear brands are mainly environmentally friendly and comfortable cotton fabrics. Especially the products that are closely dressed and children's children's clothing brands are basically made of pure cotton fabric. The children's clothing materials are very rich. The fabrics containing polyester, nylon, spandex, PU and other materials have certain applications in the coat. From the perspective of the use of children's clothing, no matter what kind of fabric we use, we should pay attention to the principle of safety first, and pay attention to environmental protection and comfort. Many brand products also have enough consideration for the functionality of children's clothing. There are clear environmental labels on the labels, indicating whether the clothes can be dressed or not. Shopping malls also have strict control over the fabric of children's clothing. New products are strictly inspected, and quality inspection reports are regularly inspected, and problems are immediately removed.

The survey shows that 28% of the consumers are concerned about the quality of children's clothing, 23% of consumers are concerned about the service attitude, 16% of the consumers are more concerned about the style design, 15% of the consumers will choose shopping environment deliberately, and the price is placed in a relatively backward position. This shows that today's young parents are more concerned about the quality of children's clothing products.

According to general manager Chen Zhicheng, "the cost of 7% of each garment must be spent on quality inspection. On the one hand, the most important channel for children's clothing at 361 degrees is shopping malls. On the other hand, consumers can be assured of buying 361 degree children's clothing.

General manager Cao Zhang said that each year, he invested more than one million yuan in the quality inspection of products, but the most input came from the indirect level, including R & D practice, production processes, including personnel arrangement, R & D practice, production links, and even the late monitoring of finished products.

Children's clothing consumption tends to be branded

Insight into a market's business opportunities is mainly based on the three factors of market size, purchasing power and consumers. It is not hard to see that the consumption potential of children's clothing industry is huge. Consumers' consumption of children's clothing has shifted from quantity consumption to brand consumption. The heat of Chinese children's clothing market will undoubtedly continue for a long time. Only when the industry is mature, will the brand with absolute superiority in the market be born.

General manager Cao Zhang said: "the media has been raising the" baby economy ". Indeed, the capital market is gradually involved in the children's market. It will bring the children's market to the stage of rapid growth. The same is true for children's clothing. The market is developing rapidly. Because the positioning of children's clothing brands is very clear and different, the regional advantages are also obvious. For example, he emphasizes "comfort" and occupies an absolute advantage in the south. Barbara's "childhood is not the same" positioning emphasizes the sense of design and is well done in the two or three line city channel. Therefore, in the children's clothing industry now and for a long time will be in the "Warring States dispute" situation, will not produce quite a difference of the leading brand. Maybe there will be two or three brands coming out in the future, but this market is very inclusive, the structure of development will become richer and richer, and the market will be more and more.

The survey shows that 33.6% of parents choose to buy children's clothing in the shopping mall, 47.4% of parents buy children's clothing directly in the exclusive stores, and 12.3% of them choose supermarkets. On the price of children's clothing products, 45% of consumers will consider buying more than 500 yuan of children's clothing products, and 28% of parents will buy children's clothing with a price of 300 yuan ~500 yuan. From the consumption level, the middle and low grade demand is mainly turned to middle grade demand, and the high and middle grade demand is growing rapidly. From the perspective of consumption quantity, the consumption of all kinds of children's clothing increased obviously in middle income households, middle income households and high income households. This shows that the middle-income group is the main body of children's clothing consumption. 94% of consumers believe in children's clothing brands abroad. More than half of the consumers hope that there will be more medium and high class children's clothing in the market with better workmanship and lower price. 34% of consumers will be more trusting of children's clothing. High-end clothing brand This indicates that the brand purchase preference of consumers is still concentrated on the brand with high recognition.

In addition, the survey also shows that when buying children's clothing, the majority of adults nominated brands. 20% of parents decide when they buy children's clothing when they ask for their children's advice. The quality of children's clothing, whether the children like it, and whether the price is reasonable is the dominant factor leading to the purchase of parents. The decision makers of children's clothing purchase are not the only ones. The production and sale of children's clothing enterprises should be based on the consumption psychology and consumption demand of the two groups of children and parents, and their approval can maintain steady growth.

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