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When Polyester Staple Continues To Fall, When Will It Be Bottomed Out? In The Summer, The Order Is Confused, And The Yarn Companies Close To Production And Production Are Close To Collapse?

2020/3/30 10:14:00 2

Market Quotation

Market brief

In March 27th, the number of New Zealand's cotton entering the market was 18000 tons, and the actual turnover was 18000 tons, with a turnover rate of 100%. The average transaction price was 12155 yuan / ton, which was 288 yuan / ton lower than the previous day's average price. Among them, 18000 tons of warehouse were built in the mainland, and 5 stores were sold. From December 2nd to March 27th, the total turnover of Xinjiang cotton reached 356560 tons, of which 12480 tons were accumulated in the Xinjiang warehouse, and 344080 tons in the mainland stock market. A total of 102 enterprises were auctions. In the eighteenth week (March 30th -3 31), the bid price was 11550 yuan / ton (standard 3128B price), down 900 yuan / ton compared with the previous week. From 2019 to 2 trading days in Xinjiang cotton, we remind cotton companies to seize the opportunity and arrange the sale of cotton so as to ease the pressure on product inventory and cash flow as far as possible.

Zheng cotton shock consolidation, the main contract gradually shifted positions for 05 months, the number of contracts for many contracts reduced, 09 small contracts increased, the market concerns gradually shifted to 09 contracts, short-term Zheng cotton rebound after the pressure is still callback. The spot market of lint cotton is still flat. The cotton mill needs to buy at a price, and the atmosphere of lint buying and selling is still light. With the fall of cotton target price subsidy policy in 2020, cotton farmers' concerns about subsidies continue to be eliminated. To some extent, cotton farmers have been positive in planting. The cotton planting in Xinjiang has been launched in recent years, and the impact of weather on the cotton market is gradually emerging. In the later stage, we need to continue to pay attention to the import and export of cotton. The lint supply is loose and the domestic demand recovery is slow in the short term. Domestic textile enterprises have shown signs of limiting production, the cotton demand has been tightened up, and the short-term cotton price has not been effectively driven by continuous rising. It is predicted that cotton prices will still be dominated by low volatility in the near future.

The price of acrylonitrile is weak and volatile, and business offers are on the market. There is no shortage of market prices. The terminal demand is expected to slow down. The load of the downstream acrylic fiber plant is expected to decline. The maintenance plan and production plan of the acrylonitrile plant coexist. Under the game of supply and demand, the market is expected to remain empty, and the short-term price of acrylonitrile will remain weak. The price of acrylic staple is sideways, the monthly price of the plant is divided, the Sinopec's offer is down, the northeast big plant plans to overhaul, the offer is stable, the terminal demand performance is general, the downstream user's enthusiasm for purchasing is scarce, the market trading center is weak and the shock is low, and the cost support is insufficient, and the predominant count of the acrylic fiber staple price is weak consolidation.

In the 1-2 month, the total profit of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size reached 410 billion 700 million yuan, down 38.3% from the same period last year (calculated according to comparable caliber). In the industrial enterprises above Designated Size, the total profit of foreign invested enterprises and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises amounted to 79 billion 630 million yuan, a decrease of 53.6%, and private enterprises realized a total profit of 120 billion 830 million yuan, a decrease of 36.6%. The total profit of the manufacturing sector was 300 billion 570 million yuan, a decrease of 42.7%; the total profit of the textile industry dropped by 59.3%; the turnover of finished goods inventory was 26.1 days, up 6.4 days from the same period; the average payback period of accounts receivable was 71.3 days, an increase of 19.1 days compared to the same period.

On the basis of the "pilot scheme of subsidy and quality linked to cotton target price reform in 2019", Tacheng Shawan County, Changji national agricultural hi tech park, Jinghe Autonomous Prefecture of Bortala Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture, Yuli County of Bayinguoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture, Sha Ya county of Akesu area and Mengaiti County of Kashi Prefecture carry out cotton quality subsidy pilot project. The cotton subsidy will be based on the total amount of the national subsidy for liquidation and the quantity of seed cotton sold by the corps development and Reform Commission. According to the unified cotton seed subsidy standard established by the Corps, the Finance Bureau will draw up a liquidation plan for the cotton target price subsidy fund by the end of April 2020, and the funds will be liquidated after the approval of the Corps. Within 20 working days of receiving the subsidy funds, the Financial Bureau of the division will allocate all the subsidy funds to the main body of the other units in the regimental field, the direct units of the regiment and the other areas of the division. In the 20 working days, the relevant departments of the Regiment (unit) will pay the subsidy to the growers in full.

It is estimated that most cotton areas in Akesu will enter the sowing period since March 27th. In March 27th, the cotton planting season was in March 27th. The suitable planting season was from April 7th to 10th. Akesu, Wensu and Awati counties entered the cotton planting season in March 29th, the suitable sowing time was from April 7th to 10th; the eastern part of Wushi County entered the cotton broadcast period in April 7th, and the suitable seeding period was from April 17th to 18th. It is predicted that the starting date of cotton planting in the whole region is slightly earlier than that of the whole year, and will begin at the end of March.

Heng Yi Petrochemical announced its performance announcement on the evening of March 29th. The company expects net profit in the first quarter of 2020 to be 650 million yuan -8 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 53.52%-88.95% over the same period in 2019. During the reporting period, due to the loose supply of upstream raw materials such as PTA and polyester, the market share of enterprises continued to grow, the bargaining power of products increased, and the gross margin of products increased. The Brunei refining and chemical project has been put into full operation and high load production.

Sinopec reported that at 16:38 on March 29th, after more than 600 cadres and staff 35 days and nights of continuous fighting, the annual output of 500 tons of melted spray cloth production line in Yizheng chemical fiber factory in Sinopec successfully put into operation, the output of excellent products. It is estimated that Sinopec's 16 production lines will be put into operation in May, with annual capacity exceeding 10000 tons, which can help about 10000000000 processing disposable medical masks.

At present, Ningxia Hengda textile Polytron Technologies Inc 30 thousand high-end spinning three phase project construction is almost coming to an end, the three phase project of the digital spinning and weaving workshop main body has been completed, is expected to be completed in April this year, and then entered the equipment installation stage, in June this year, gradually put into operation. It is reported that Ningxia Hengda textile Polytron Technologies Inc 300 thousand spindles high-end spinning item phase project scale 75 thousand spindles, two phase project scale 75 thousand spindles, now has been put into operation. The three phase of the project is 30 thousand spindles of high-end spinning and 198 new high-end looms, with a planned investment of 250 million yuan. After all the production is put into effect, the annual increase in production value is 350 million yuan, and the total sales revenue can reach 800 million yuan a year, with a profit of 50 million yuan. After the three phase of the project is completed and put into operation, it mainly produces all kinds of yarn series of high quality pure spinning and blending, and extends to weaving wide cloth to fill the blank of local weaving production.

Recently, Xiaoshan district has released the list of top 100 enterprises in Xiaoshan in 2019, and a total of 150 enterprises have been listed. Among them, there are 70 industrial enterprises, 40 service enterprises, 5 construction enterprises, 5 agricultural enterprises, 15 science and technology innovation enterprises, and 15 Golden Phoenix enterprises. It is understood that the top 100 enterprises in Xiaoshan will conduct an annual selection. Xiaoshan is the largest production base of chemical fiber and textile fabrics in China and the world, and is the first batch of economic transformation and upgrading demonstration area in Zhejiang. It has won the title of China's famous chemical fiber industry, China's textile industry base, China's chemical fiber weaving town, and China lace capital. This group has the following 29 enterprises: Heng Yi group, Rongsheng holding group, Shengda Group, hang min industrial, three yuan holding, Xinghui chemical fiber and other related enterprises.

On March 26th, the office of the United States trade representative said that according to the product exclusionary procedure in June 2019, specific tariff exclusion requests would be granted to specific products imported from China. The product exclusion period is from September 24, 2018 to August 7, 2020.

In March 20, 2020, the Ministry of trade of Turkey issued Notice No. 2020/4 to investigate the anti circumvention of synthetic and synthetic short fiber yarns and sewing thread originating in China, and to examine whether the products involved were imported into Turkey through Kampuchea to circumvent anti-dumping measures. The Turkey tax numbers for the products involved are 55.08, 55.09, 55.10 and 55.11 (excluding 5509.52, 5509.61, 5509.91, 5510.20).

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